5 Important Things to Consider Before Promoting Your Event


Mark it! An event with no attendees is a flop.

You want your event to be a sellout or at least gain a respectable number of registrations. But how can you attract more audience if you have a minimal budget to spend?

Admit it! A big chunk of planning happens even before the event promotion. You start researching and working on your upcoming event as early as possible. But, promoting an event is not all about deciding the venue, sending invitations, and finding hashtags.

You need to think more!

Planning for event promotion means you are working on how to increase eyeballs for your event, how to be the talk of the town, and why should people buy your event tickets? Your plan needs to carry heavy weight towards goal. Your marketing strategies should be reliable and result-oriented.

What better can you do before your event promotion? These five essential things are all you have to consider to thrive your big day.

Read on-

  1. Establish Your Grounds for Promotion:-  If you want the best turnout for your event, pick the location where your audience is gathered in huge numbers. Central areas are always popular choices for promotions, especially if there is no noise or pollution around. A convenient and accessible location always wins.For instance, shopping malls are best to promote any music concert because young people often visit malls and are interested in such events.
  2. Connect Your Marketing Platforms:-  Alike the ground level, make it easy for your audience to reach you online. Look for the best event marketing platforms where you can register your event in detail and allow your audience to book events tickets.Make sure the platform you are choosing has a robust database and traffic so that your event gets introduced to thousands of people. Platforms, such as Citywoofer, encouraging event listing and promotion, are helpful in many ways due to the renowned reaches they have.

    Moreover, such platforms target different audiences at a time. Whether a college student or an entrepreneur, you can register or find every type of events on such platforms easily.

  3. Event Contests on Social Platforms:-  Pick up an exciting way to engage with all event attendees. People are generally active on social media platforms. Add fun buzz to your event-goers’ social time by conducting contests for them.For instance, for a sports event, your contest should be like Quiz competition asking questions on cricketers, athletes, Commonwealth games, and more. Set the prize- 40% off on two tickets!

    Engaging with your audience initially through effective social media marketing plan results in boosting your event reach.

  4. Set limits on Early Bird Tickets:-  If you want to accelerate sales and attendees for your event- conference, concerts, seminars, and more, there is no better way than setting limits on early bird tickets. By offering a discount suiting your budget, you can promote an event for your target audience and imperatively enhance your ticket sales.Selling early bird tickets is a kind of promotion your event needs. You are not only selling the tickets earlier with discounts but also creating a hype of something great is going to happen in the city.

    Don’t stretch the timings for early bird tickets. Rewarding attendees an offer within a limited time can motivate them to book tickets sooner.

  5. Word-of-mouth:-  Word-of-mouth can be turned into a significant sales channel in event planning and management. Before starting with the promotion, create your events pages online and talk about it as a topic in your friends’ circle or social groups.Work on your event regularly. Share updates online and keep on discussing the event on ground level through posters and discussions.

    Well, you put a significant amount of effort into promoting an event, but it doesn’t mean you don’t still get worried. Keeping the things mentioned above in mind, you’ll be a few leaps closer to hugely successful event promotion.

    Moreover, registering your events on Citywoofer can be useful when you want to be the talk of the town!

    You might have weeks for your event promotion, but your planning starts now!



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