Entertainment is on! Journey of Events from On-ground to Virtual World


Those were the crazy times when attending events means stepping out of the home and hanging out with friends. Maybe it hasn’t popped out of your mind, but it was fun BC, which one can extract to Before Coronavirus more than Before Crises. Remember how you used to wait for your favorite comedy shows and you make plans with your friends. How epic moments were those!

Nowadays, things have changed a lot. Keeping in mind the social distancing and following the government guidelines for no permission to public gatherings, organizers have stepped up for the innovative platform of the virtual world. It is because people’s favorite events must go on and people must experience it.

People are experiencing changes daily and have accepted the environment. However, the fun is on! The only difference is that you don’t need to travel miles; all you have to do is sit at home and watch your favorite shows. Yes! Welcome to the virtual world where unlimited fun awaits you through online gaming, concerts, storytelling, comedy shows, and more.

Crowd Cheer Up to Virtual Events: A Journey That Creates a Huge Difference

If you are missing the time for booking events to get the moments of escape, don’t worry, you can still live it. No doubt, the significance of face-to-face interaction will never fade away, but these are the times when going virtually has become an essential part of one’s event program. Before connecting to the audience, event organizers need to give a thought.

How do you turn educational sessions and multi-day conferences with networking opportunities into virtual events where attendee insights matter? And once you have completed it, how do you engage attendees to remain in the event till its last second?

Organizing a virtual event needs the same attention and care as an in-person event. For participants and attendees not to miss any of their favorite events, the organizers are lacking nowhere in efficiently promoting the event, creating memorable experiences for the audience, and making the event successful. The only thing that creates a difference is the venue or the attendees on-site. Virtual shows are more of online presentations. You can conduct an impactful event that extends well-beyond a computer screen.

From the online gaming world Ludo remains the top-entertainment game of the lockdown and people cannot deny how much they have played it to hit the quarantine boredom. Well, the trend of a virtual event is leading people’s mind when organizers come out with creative minds for staying connected to the audience by maintaining social distancing and listening to favorite musicians from the home’s comfort.
India’s online gaming sector is growing at a rapid pace amid lockdown. A mobile-based gaming platform- PayTM First Games has witnessed a boost of 200% in its user base in March 2020.

People and Virtual Events: Happy Days Never End!

Stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, with no restaurants to dine in and movie theatres closed, people have been spending most of their time online. The research study has stated that users’ behaviors shifted towards playing games such as Ludo and making it as a part of their routine. After all, the craze to utilize lockdown hits people’s mind differently.

With all public gatherings called off, individuals are seeking out entertainment on streaming services such as YouTube and other platforms through Zoom and more to connect online. In the previous few years, users of these portals were enhancing moving to their smartphones, making a comprehensive industry focus on mobile.

Well, any event can be conducted online.

Types of Events Held Virtually

Webinars: It typically lasts somewhere from 45 to 80 minutes. Conducting webinars virtually permits attendees worldwide to join in and listen as one or more speakers present the content.

Virtual Conferences: These conferences consist of multi-session content and can involve community engagement tools.

Comedy Shows: Switch to online and with comfort, enjoy the show of your favorite comedian!

Storytelling: You can participate too. Record your video and share. Let people know you more.

Virtual Marathons: Venue is your place, and you have to send your covered miles. Prizes available too.

Earlier were the days when deciding venues was done according to the estimated number of attendees coming. Tickets were available not only online but also at the crowded areas such as malls. In the present, no matter, grounds are open or closed, virtual platforms have brought many opportunities for people to entertain themselves on their screens. The online world has immense scopes, and one can freely make proper use of it. Virtual events are a miracle to people’s abilities and bring new scopes every day.


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