5 Major Reasons to Attend TEDxChandigarh 2020


With creative ideas, TEDx never lacks in bringing innovation to you, making you attend it for a reason. Every time it has new to explore and amazing to discover. With inspirational and creative-minded speakers, 3rd edition of TEDx Chandigarh is coming your way to make you witness an exquisite educational conference.

The talks at TED are a source of enthusiasm for a lot of people who want to become better leaders. Thousands of people come together and listen to the TEDx speakers at the event. Well, the event has high engagement, as many people watch its recordings through social media platforms across the globe.

Organized all over the world, TEDx has a lot to share and experience, where you can listen to marvelous people and feel motivated. TEDx Chandigarh 2020 is multi-disciplinary- its delegates represent every field right from architecture to zoology. It means there is no perfect place for creative collision, except for TEDxChandigarh 2020. Any chance of meeting at this conference can lead to exciting new insights. Every conversation with a new person could reveal new trends, technologies, and treatments- or spark them into being the one.


A lot to explore, mush to discover, read on to know why you can’t miss TEDx Chandigarh 2020!

1. Ultimate Brain Spa for Attendees

A TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. These three broad subjects are effectively shaping the world. Thus, TEDx’s success is behind the bringing of the world’s most remarkable personalities across various fields. And the result? Great connections, incredible insights, and powerful inspiration.

Memberships for the TED conference in Chandigarh come at various levels, and fees differ. You can register yourself accordingly. Every attendee is intelligent, engaging, and diverse. It becomes a major talk for many individuals to show their active participation with joy.


2. Brilliant Speakers: Real Stories with Extraordinary Ideas!

What you will find is a lot of hidden gems at TEDxChandigarh 2020. For instance, you’ll get a chance to meet up with a roboticist who is elaborating on the TEDx theme with “The future of humans, in the world of robots,” Daniel Fitzgerald’s interests span human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, and more.

You can find some national and international TEDx speakers. Listening to them speaking on the stage can be a truly game-changing experience for you. You will interact with outstanding people, including business executives, doctors, educators, and journalists, just to name a few. Although you can watch these talks online as well, seeing them online will be unforgettable for you.


3. Defining a Journey into the Future with the Theme: The Future. Reimagined

On 12 January 2020, the third edition of TEDx Chandigarh 2020 “The Future. Reimagined” will take place at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh. Its theme is all about bringing the world’s innovative leaders and doers to provide attendees a peek into the minds of remarkable people. This educational conference passionately believes in the power of ideas to change lives, attitudes, and ultimately, the world.

Lots of aspirants attending the event will get to know about the winning formula of curious minds and pioneering content in an immersive environment.


4. Impactful: Deep Conversations and Connections

When an attendee listens to the speaker, he is not only understanding his perspective but also building a connection with him. Both intrapersonal and interpersonal communication takes place where you interact with your mind and delivers your question or opinion in front of the speaker.

Also, the conversations become quite expressive when you may even get the chance to share the relevant incident of your life and getting solutions from expert speakers. Your vision of seeing life can turn into positivity and become optimistic while conquering every challenge.


5. Speak Up with International Minds

As attendees will not be from Tricity and India, but also overseas- according to last organized international educational conferences of 2019, it is an excellent exposure for every individual coming to the TEDx while broadening their horizons and minds.

This time, like-minded people from across the industries are coming together, and it is you who has vast opportunities not to miss even one. You never know where building unexpected international connections can take you to your dreams.


Therefore, aiming for the world-class intellectual experience in Chandigarh and other regions of India, TEDx Chandigarh 2020 is one of the motivational upcoming events in Chandigarh bringing ideas and thoughts that are worth sharing. When such ingenious minds are coming to your city, why not grab your seat for it at Citywoofer, before it’s too late!

Buy your tickets here – https://www.citywoofer.com/t/tedxchandigarh-2020


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