5 Reasons to Go Live on Social Media


Anytime, Anywhere, you can go live and entertain your audience!

Most social media platforms have easy access to start sharing a live broadcast. Above all, various platforms are developed specifically for live streaming. But why is live video emphasized? It is well-known that live video streaming is the most powerful way to reach and interact with your target audience. Also, audience-engagement becomes easy.

However, it is irrefutable that live events boost attendees in large numbers. Thus, if you have never taken your event to live on social media, you should go for it. Below are major five reasons briefing why live streaming is significant for your business:-

Direct Communication

A viewer’s behavior is essential for a brand. The online video industry encourages viewers to watch their favorite events on any social media portals. Thus, brands need to be vigilant while streaming their event on a particular platform by checking the number of followers and how many come to join your live events.

If you record the event first and then upload it, users might not be much interested as the content and accessibility are limited. Live streaming builds connectivity between viewers and brands as watching it is easy on phones or can watch the recording of the live video later.

Great Level of Interaction and Engagement

As live video has the highest rate of engagement of all content types, it becomes easy to gain prominence. For instance, Facebook live, viewers can post their comments, and it displays up on the spot. It is an opportunity for other viewers to interact with that person and presenter to chat as well. This instant gratification builds a deep bond between the organizer and the viewers. Also, it drives more audience to engage with your video, in the hope of reaching you.

You can answer your audience questions and can offer them exciting offers live as well.

Expand Your Reach

Most social media platforms favor live content for brand promotion. Going live on Facebook and YouTube later show live events on top when searched. With enhanced exposure, you can create more leads for your business or gain more followers.

Also, live streaming is cost-effective. Various efficient ways reach people and require large investments, whereas online video can be formed on a shoestring budget and still produce the best results. Moreover, with your standardized way of organizing live events, your brand identity increases. People start recognizing you and expect more from your actions.

Fastest Growing Industry

The popularity of online streaming is growing fast. It saves time for attendees as they watch their favorite shows without waiting for them to upload first. Moreover, the demand for live streaming videos is competitive but fair enough to visualize your brand insights effectively. Regardless of live events that need to be short, the engagement rate in that particular period decides the response received for a specific video.

Moreover, going live is easy, but embracing the audience for long depends on the content you are sharing and how much your viewers like it.

Entertainment at its Best

From concerts to educational sessions, everything can go live! You need to pick the right strategy. Look for a prime time where your viewers are online in large numbers. Send them an invitation and details about your event. Don’t forget to mention the importance of attending it.

Online events stimulate connectivity power where a fan can interact with one’s favorite performer, or counselors can guide many people at one time. Often, individuals look for relaxation online, and your event can boost them up if it is of their interest. Thus, be active throughout and reach your audience through Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and more.

Therefore, social media is not all about making friends but also reaching larger audiences for your brand or business, along with maintaining a place in the market. Along with taking events to live, learn about social media marketing to broaden your reach, and become the talk of the town.

Whether your brand is small or big, stay with what’s trending and keep in touch with your audience through live events and know what they think about your brand or business.


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