Reasons Why You Should Not Miss The Just Comedy Festival


Life seems so much better when you are laughing. There’s nothing that brightens up your day more than unexpected but intellectual jokes. Moreover, who would not want some moments of delight and light-heartedness, every now and then? Tricity is all set to welcome North India’s first comedy festival, “Just Comedy” on 3rd Feb and 4th Feb. With an amazing line-up of top stand up comedy artists, it is bound to give you countless moments of laughter and cheerful giggles. So, get ready to vaccinate yourself against all the boredom with this amazing and certainly, effective dose of laughter. If you feel skeptical about this, we have some noteworthy reasons about why this festival is just not something to be missed.

  • Compelling line-up of stand up comedy artists
    The most admired and celebrated artists like Zakir Khan, Abish Mathew, Baba Sehgal, Tanmay Bhat, Pammi Aunty and many more will be setting the stage on fire with their rib-tickling and sidesplitting jokes.
  • Because live is undoubtedly better
    Sitting right there, among the cheering and lively crowd, laughing out loud at the live comedy act is so much better than watching youtube videos snuggled in a bed. We all concede to the fact that ambience does count. So why not be a part of something so hilarious and fun filled ?
  • Because humour fills you with positivity
    Laughter is the best therapy to keep all the negativities at bay. It cleanses the soul off its pessimistic thoughts, taking away all the gloom that might sometimes overpower the mental state of an individual. And Just Comedy Festival is bringing along abundance of humour and and cheer.
  • Because work stress needs an antigen
    In an endless pursuit of excelling at work, we tend to pressurize our minds with unnecessary and also prolonged stress. Now is the time to sit back and relax. Give your brain the rejuvenation it seeks and deserves. What better way to invigorate your mind than a hilarious laughing session!
  • Go out in the world and socialize
    Shrug off the laziness and step out in the real world to meet and communicate with new people with similar tastes and interests. This festival is the best place to come in contact with people who love to live a high-spirited, laughter filled life.

These reasons are, indeed, tempting enough to get you book your tickets right away. So stop speculating and start booking. Get more information about the festival at


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