6 Secrets to increase your Event Ticket Sales drastically


There is no denying the fact that the most important thing for an event organizer is the magnitude of footfall the event generates. And before any event, all you can think of is how can you escalate the ticket sales, the number of which is known to be directly proportional to how did the event fair. In this case, you need to come up with a promotion strategy that helps your event not only grab early attention and but also keep the momentum of their interest consistent until the event tickets are sold out.

There are a few tried and tested ways that can actually do wonders to increase the ticket sales that you can follow.

1. Introduce Ticket Types

Multiple types of Event tickets with their price varying according to the extent of access provided by each one of them can help you take care of the financial capabilities of a wider audience. This is known as tiered pricing. Such a concept grabs the attention of those who wish to be a part of the event, but do not want to splurge on the high-priced tickets. Reasonable pricing makes them reconsider their decisions and they end up giving it a shot. Higher profits can be earned from those who want VIP access and can afford to dish out some extra bucks for it.

2. Attractive Offers and Discounts

The peak time of ticket selling is usually when the event is first announced, following which there comes a dip in the ticket sales until a few days before the event when it gains some momentum again. Our purpose is, to not let the ticket sales plummet at any point, for which we need to add mini-peaks during the entire time frame. You can offer discounts at regular intervals like the early access discounts to past attendees, early bird discounts for those who buy the tickets long before the event happens and announce special giveaways and offers throughout the sales period. Such deals catch the attention of the potential attendees and urge them to buy the tickets.

3. Focus on Pre-event Content Marketing

Creating a hype and building anticipation can play a very important role in increasing your ticket sales exponentially. Keep your content marketing game strong to reach out to a larger number of people and get your event acquainted with greater masses, gradually turning them into potential buyers and ultimately, obvious attendees.

4. Leverage the Reach of your Speakers & Sponsors

Make everybody associated with your event share about it on their social media handles to get in touch with their followers. If your event has renowned people as speakers, ask them to invite their followers on social media. This can largely impact the number of people attending the event. Wishing for excellent ticket sales is something you share in common with your event sponsors. Rope them in in your marketing strategies and get the best out of their reach.

5. Do Not Underestimate Retargeting

There are some visitors who check out your event, proceed to the ticket selling page but leave the page without completing the transaction. What caused him to drop the idea at the last moment and made him let go of the event he was otherwise interested in? Get in touch with such potential attendees and address their concerns. Send them lucrative offers via texts and convert them into buyers.

6. Run an Incentivized Referral Campaign

You can give discounts to those who bring in more people for your event through their references. Referral codes can prove to be convenient to apply instant discounts on the transactions. There would be many who would put in extra efforts to get their friends along to get event tickets at discounted prices.

Apart from all the ways mentioned above, you can also reach out to your past attendees, send weekly or monthly newsletters and organically initiate conversations about your event on social media to escalate your ticket sales. Follow strong and effective branding techniques to create a buzz among the people and most importantly, make sure attending the event proves to be a wonderful experience for them so that they do not think twice booking their event tickets the next time.

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