7 Of The Best Places To Enjoy Live Music In Chandigarh


Look outside and you will notice that there is a deluge of live performance restaurants in Chandigarh and the surrounding regions. No, we’re not talking about only sector 26 and sector 35. And we are also not talking about just the VIP road in Zirakpur. This craze for live music is all over the city. You can see it in sector 17, sector 7, 9, and beyond. The culture and nightlife of the biggest metropolis which is New Delhi have something to do with this trend. Yes, the national capital has a very big influence on the lifestyle and culture of Chandigarh and it is quite evident. But we will draw similarities between the two some other time. We are here to discover a few very interesting and fun places to relish live music and performances across the City Beautiful. Let’s begin with a few familiar names that you have already heard of:


Ministry Of Bar Exchange

MOBE is one of those restaurants/cafes with live music in Chandigarh that you would want to visit with your family, your friends, your first date, and probably anyone in your friend circle and relatives. This is the place to be if you are in love with loud and lively music. In fact, the last memory that I have of this place takes me to a very interesting ambiance that was laced with tasteful Sufi music with a hint of a western twist. The sitting area in this club is very spacious and you have enough spots to dance around to the beats. The menu is very much all-inclusive and you get the best of both Western and Pan Asian cuisines in this restaurant.
Timings are 11 am to 12 am
The total cost for 2 people having dinner here should come out somewhere close to INR 1,800


The Black Room

The black room is a very enjoyable place for live music and probably the best crowd you can imagine. It has a very beautiful retro interior and it is also a very popular spot for youngsters. They have a lot of bands that constantly play awesome music for their customers around the clock. This is a place to be if you are looking for a chill zone to hang out with your friends and colleagues. It could easily become your regular hangout spot considering the affordable options of beer and other beverages that you get here.

The timings are12 pm to 12 am, subject to change
Live music performances usually kick in on Friday after 9 pm
The cost for 2 people eating here should come out somewhere close to INR 1,800


The Brew Estate

My personal favourite is the brew estate located in sector 9, Panchkula. This is one of those places that you can never miss. I have not come across a better-tasting Mexican vegetarian platter all across the city. This place is constantly buzzing with people of probably all ages and walks of life. It is also a great place for desserts, especially if you are a fan of cheesecake and traditional halva. Remember, their menu keeps on changing so you are in for a lot of variety. And yes, the music is so well in tune with the food that you won’t even notice that somebody is singing in the background. Ironic.

The timings are 11 am to 12 am
Live performances usually start after 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays
Two people having fun here should set you back by at least INR 2,500


Hoppin Resto-Bar

This resto-bar is quite a popular live music restaurant in Chandigarh, located in the Elante mall and it is probably one of the coolest places to enjoy live music. You get several live performances during the evening. They have a very diverse ensemble of live performers throughout the week and every band has a unique approach to music as well as a different flavour to its tunes. This is a great place for youngsters, especially the ones who enjoy good quality music. The food and drinks scene here is quite impressive. You will not be disappointed by their chicken lasagna and pesto dip.

Timings are 11 am to 12 am, subject to change
Live performances usually start after 8:30 pm
The cost for 2 people enjoying this beautiful spot should be around INR 1,500



Sultan is located right in the heart of the City Beautiful. You can find it in sector 7. This is the perfect place to be if you are looking for great music that goes with the entire tone and interior of the place. They have a great menu that comprises North Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Lebanese. The cuisine is as exquisite as their choice of music and the entire ambiance.

The timings are 11 am to 11:30 pm
Live performances usually start at 7:30 or 8 pm
A Dinner for 2 is going to set you back by at least INR 2,000


Boombox Cafe

The boombox cafe too is one of my favorite live performance restaurants in Chandigarh because they have the best Chinese menu that I have ever tasted. They are also quite affordable and the music here is simply incredible. It is located in sector 9, Chandigarh and it is clearly one of the hottest places for the hottest crowd that you can see from all over the place. They will be more than willing to sing or perform your favourite songs. You just have to drop in an early request. It is one of the best places for North Indian, Italian, and Continental cuisine.

The timings are12 pm to 12 am, subject to change
You can have dinner here for somewhere close to INR 1,500 for 2 people


Lord Of The Drinks

This has many branches across India, I believe. It is also one of the best cafes with live music in Chandigarh that you can visit for North Indian, Asian, Italian, and Continental food. It has probably one of the loudest music systems and the most wanted live performers you will ever come across in the entire city. Located in the heart of the city, in sector 26, this is one of the most frequented places for youngsters. And for all the good reasons!

The timings are 12 pm to 12 am, subject to change
Live performances usually start at 7:30 or 8 pm
You should be good for 2 people if you have INR 2,000 your pocket

Final Thoughts

The list is not finished. There is Terminal 7, Hangout Lounge and Bar, Peddlers, Sosha Cafe n Bar, Satva, S Cafe, and many more places where you would love to visit to enjoy live performances. This list has just scratched the surface.


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