7 Ways to Double Your Ticket Sales in 2020


New Year’s Eve is a way ahead with two months in hand. And event organizers can’t keep calm if they know what their target audience is up to. They might be looking for 2020 bash or attending a concert, open-mic, comedy shows, or anything on the whole year. This moment comes with a great responsibility for the organizers to bring the best and for which high event ticket sale is a must.

Think of the ticket sale, whether online or on the ground; it does wonders for your marketing efforts. As 2019 is about to end, you need to be advanced and one-step ahead in 2020 to follow the strategies to sell your event anyhow.

So, hands up if you are looking to double your ticket sales in the coming year!

Here you go with these seven terrific ways that are tried and tested and will help you reach your goal.

1. Read on-Leverage Your Most Successful Channel

You won’t be a surprise to learn that there are numerous online event ticketing platforms to get it promoted along with selling tickets. If you have ever organized the event before, go through the channels that have driven the most visitors and sales. Though email marketing remains trending for gathering the audience, calculating earlier attendees, and mark the ratio for selling a ticket for the next time.

However, if you are organizing the event for the first time in the new year, start with the social media platform. Look where you have followers in large numbers. Start promoting your event there.

2. Tap into Brand-new but Same Audience

Be in a similar vein, but you can try branching out into a separate event ticketing platform targeting the same audience. Your event should have its presence everywhere in the city. For instance, if your event is about Cyclothon promoting the eco-friendly mode of transport, don’t limit your audience to school students or retired persons, go beyond it. Search for a ticket selling platform where you can find youth in excess. Sell your event there as well!

A high degree of overlap should be between your target audience and the event. Never promote your cooking exhibition in a wine tasting club.

3. Double the Target Set

In 2019, maybe setting the 1400 target out of 1700 would help you a lot. But, in 2020, you need to think one step ahead. Set 1900 as a minimum for 2000 tickets, extending it to 100%. It will help you attain goals to the maximum because your strategy will focus on selling tickets in large numbers per day.

4. Expand Your Audience Reach

Think of a marathon where you can invite athletes and runners. But, by adding dance and Zumba sessions, you can expand your event’s reach to college students, dancers, and almost everyone to have a healthy practice.

Keep in mind the competitive position and sell your ticket at that price.

5. Smart Discounts or Rewards

Consider using smart discounts to reward different actions. It is an excellent way to give people a slight nudge, and they’ll think of buying your event’s ticket.

Say, you can motivate attendees to invite friends by offering group discounts or by providing them unique access codes for referring to other ticket buyers. You can also provide special offers to repeated attendees of your events to engage them for your various events.

6. Last-minute Sales Push

If you think that you have executed this in 2019, then you would not be aware of the twist it is bringing in 2020. The day your event draws near, start working on your marketing efforts not by increasing the urgency factor, but by sharing the reviews of attendees that have attended your events before. It is well-known that word-of-mouth is alive. Your final ticket sales push will work for those who are planning to buy your event’s ticket. Try it!

7. Embrace Door Sales

In the digital world, a lot of ticket sales will take place online before the event starts. Yet you should never keep door sales aside because it is where people know your presence, and you interact with them directly.

Moreover, set your referrals so that your event’s updates fall on maximum ears.
So, don’t let the excitement ends for the new year by focusing on increasing ticket sales with the ways mentioned above. You will keep on organizing the events, and strategies will come through your way to enhance your ticket sales and revenues in one go. Happy 2020!


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