City of Stars – Drishyam Theatre & Dance Festival 2018


Panjab University has led by example when it comes to recognising talent and shaping tomorrow’s artists. Cultural events are a part of the core ethos of the university and it continues to foster an atmosphere of creativity and brilliance. Inspired by this legacy, UILS is out to host its first ever theatre and dance fest this weekend and it’s sure to not disappoint.

What  : Drishyam National Theatre and Dance Fest

When : Apr 13-15, 2018 | 9AM onwards

Where: University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University

UILS has created a name for itself in producing some of the finest law makers of the country. Legal aspirants that study at this institution go on to realise fruitful careers and high ambitions. A part of the reason for this is the very culture of holistic learning that is cultivated at this refined institute. Bright minds with an aptitude for innovation are honed at UILS to be the change makers of tomorrow and lead by example.

The dominating characteristic of the UILS ethic has always been to polish the individual potential of each student. This includes the multi-talented extracurricular potential of UILS students. Prompted by the need to do more, be more, the students of UILS got together and decided to take their abilities one step further by organising a national theatre and dance fest. The three day event is taking place this weekend and here’s all that you need to know about it.

The very first edition of Drishyam National Theatre and Dance Festival is designed to give a platform to all aspiring theatre and dance enthusiasts out there. The festival will lay focus on individual aspirations, inspired ambitions, and realising dreams of performing for an interested audience. Thus, the theme of the event is aptly christened “City of Stars”.

Various events will showcase some of the best performances in dance and theatre under different categories. Among the plethora of dance events lined up are certain crowd favourites such as extempore solo and extempore duet, group dance, western solo, and classical/folk solo. The theatre events brought under a common banner are even more thrilling. Stage plays, street plays, mime acts, short films, mono acting, impromptu group acts, quizzes, and more are in store! A special treasure hunt is also being organised that is open to all.

The university is all prepped to host participants from prestigious institutions from around the country. The festival promises to be three days of pure fun and extravagance, with zealous competitions and enthralling events. A “star night” is in the cards too. Don’t miss out!


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