A Parisian Display at The City Beautiful


One a bright sunny June morning, Ajay Bhatia awoke at daybreak and decided to stroll around the streets of Paris, capturing the beauty of the city through his camera lens. The result of this is now on display at Alliance Francaise – a photographic record of Paris over one day, from morning to night.

What  : City of Light: A Photography Exhibition by Ajay Bhatia
When : Mar 23 – Apr 7, 2018 | 9AM – 7PM
Where: Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh

In Bhatia’s own words, “It was… Perfect weather for walking and perfect light for photography. I passed by café’s and patisseries preparing to open for the day. I gradually made my way towards the Musée Picasso. The streets and architecture were imbued with an old world charm. People smiled or nodded when you glanced at them. I felt good and at peace with the world.”

A documentary photographer based in Chandigarh, Ajay likes to indulge his passion for travel, event, and architecture photography. Inspired by the quintessential charm of historical towns, cities, and villages, Bhatia chooses to capture the cultural and traditional flavours of such settlements. And at the same time, the contemporary flavour and progressive lifestyles of modern cities also find their way into his work. His photographic interests vary from the rhythmic dances to the colourful vibrancy of folk art in India.

Ajay has extensively worked on the architectural and natural wonders of Chandigarh. His very first photography exhibition was titled “The Hidden Beauty of the City Beautiful” and was organised in collaboration with Government Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh. His second exhibition titled “Straight Lines, Open Spaces” (The Legacy of Le Corbusier) was also hosted by Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh. A third exhibition series entitled “Le Corbusier – The Play of Light” has travelled extensively across India, including cities like Hyderabad and Pune, which are known for their love for the arts.

Ajay is motivated by the belief that it will take him several lifetimes to exhaust the infinite photographic possibilities that the world offers on a daily basis. And yet, he continues to capture as many regions as he is able to visit in this singular lifetime. A strict connoisseur of natural photography, new age techniques like photoshop and editing are an absolute no no for this lover of light and shadows. Be sure to catch his work and frames at this ongoing exhibition at Alliance Francaise before it moves on to its next destination.


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