‘Baghi Di Dhee’- A Film for All Generations

Punjabi Singer Malkiat Singh on premiere "Baghi Di Dhee"
Punjabi Singer Malkiat Singh

 SinghPunjabi film ‘Baghi Di Dhee’ (daughter of a rebel) released under the banner of PTC Motion Pictures, hit the big screen on November 25. It is an engaging story of revenge, revolt and rivalry, all rolled into one.

The film takes us through the long-forgotten era of the struggle and sacrifices made by the unsung heroes, especially those Indian immigrants in US and Canada who associated with the ‘Ghadar’ movement from across the seven seas to liberate their motherland from the shackles of British Raj.

It is based on the original story written by a Punjabi stalwart the legendary Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir. The story revolves around a 14-year-old-girl, Deep (Dilnoor Kaur), who decides to step into her father’s (Kuljinder Singh Sidhu) shoes at the tender age of 14. She shoulders the responsibility of taking the movement forward after her father is sent to the gallows on the flimsy charges of raising a pitch against the ruthless regime. Her forceful outpouring against the ruling monarchs through the written word won the hearts of the people associated with the long-drawn freedom struggle and others.

Protagonist Kuljinder Singh Sidhu with family on premiere "Baghi Di Dhee"
Protagonist Kuljinder Singh Sidhu seen with family after the movie premiere

The revolutionary poems she penned during her school days refurbished the fading spirit of freedom on the forefront of the big fight. She led the march against the British despite her failing health. Her plain-speak and a distinct streak of patriotism endeared this young crusader to one and all.

The iconic film under the impeccable direction of Mukesh Gautam is poised to pack a punch on the Punjabi audience which seems to have lost interest in film viewing, apparently for want of quality content. The film is all set to chart out a set of new paradigms in the Punjabi film industry to deliver a wholesome message across the board.

The hallmark of the film is the out-of-the-box script helmed by a highly acclaimed writer Pali Bhupinder Singh. Singer-lyricist Bir Singh has created stunning lyrics while music has been scored by Tejwant Kittu, a prominent face in the music industry.

Shamsher Sandhu, a noted lyricist on premiere "Baghi Di Dhee"
Shamsher Sandhu, a noted lyricist seen after the movie premiere

The film produced by Rabindra Narayan, MD and President, PTC Network, ‘Baghi Di Dhee’ is likely to evoke a humongous response from the audience, if the premier screening of the film in Chandigarh and elsewhere having packed-like-sardine theatres were any indication. The meaningful film connecting the dots of India’s independence struggle is all set to create history of sorts by connecting the people with their rich cultural and religious roots.

The star cast of this stellar film includes accomplished actors like Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Dilnoor Kaur, Vaquar Shaikh, Gurpreet Bhangu, among others, who have gotten into the skin of their respective characters, making it a must-watch film for the season.

The protagonist Deep (Dilnoor Kaur) on premiere "Baghi Di Dhee"
Protagonists Deep (Dilnoor Kaur)

Speaking to Citybuzz, producer of the film Rabindra Narayan says “PTC has never been driven by the idea of making their productions a box office hit or swayed by the propensity to cast big names with the intent just to grab public attention or make them a commercial hit”.

“The sole intention is to sensitise our future generations about the supreme sacrifices made by our predecessors. For us what was imperative was not the moolah but the moving content that defines the ethos of Punjab, the land Gurus, and the insignificant contribution of our freedom fighters,” he says.

Baghi Di Dhee is undoubtedly a must-watch family film for all generations, especially the younger lot, who are gradually drifting away from the rich cultural and historical heritage about the sacrifices made by our ancestors”, says Surjeet, Kaur, a retired government school principal.



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