Best Open Places in Chandigarh Where You Can Hold Events


There are certain events which just can’t be held in a closed place like an auditorium or banquet; events like book fairs, exhibitions, and concerts fall in this category. Open air, vast and expansive spaces are required for such events. Although we have a lot of open spaces in Chandigarh, most of these are not very suitable, or rather are not open to organising such events. However, there are some such open and expansive places here in Chandigarh, to go about organising an event.

Leisure Valley, Sector 10
True to it’s name, the lush green Leisure Valley located in Sector 10 of the city beautiful is just the ideal place to hold any sort of leisure activities. You can organise musical evenings, fashion shows, concerts, fests and fairs at this beautiful place. Just opposite to the rose garden and adjacent to Matka Chowk, the place is very easily approachable. The best part is that it provides a very good ambience that’s ideal to organise cultural, fun activities and events. Some of the events that are regularly held at the Leisure Valley include the annual Chandigarh Carnival, Le Faria Flea Market and Dog Show, among numerous concerts and musical performances.

Parade Ground, Sector 17
The Parade Ground in Sector 17 hosts trade shows and expos very frequently. And it is the perfect place for such events. In fact, this ground is ideal for any event which asks for restricted entry, as it has a walled boundary. You can employ makeshift infrastructure in the ground, and have all the facilities that are generally available in an indoor location. Just next to the ISBT 17, Parade Ground is again at a very approachable location and has an adequate parking space. Apart from the annual republic day parade (from which the ground gets its name), the Parade Ground in Sector 17 in the past has hosted the CII Trade Fair, Agro Exposition, Destination North East Fair, and the Digi Dhan Mela.

Plaza, Sector 17
The Plaza in Sector 17, which is the city’s central commercial complex is just the ideal place to hold promotional events and activities. The open area in the middle of the four-storied commercial buildings is the hub of activities, and attracts great crowds. The place is also well suited to hold musical concerts and rock nights. Many such events are already being held at the plaza regularly. Such events are generally open to public, but it is one of the most lucrative places to hold promotional events.

Sector 34 Ground
Also known as Exhibition Ground or Fair Ground, the vast piece of land in Sector 34 is just the right place for exhibitions and fairs. The ground area can be conveniently manipulated, and adequate infrastructure can be deployed to meet the requirements of your event. It boasts of an easily approachable location, adequate parking area, and minimal restrictions in terms of the space and its use. The annual Diwali Fair and the Chandigarh Book Fair is held here, along with many other big and small exhibitions.


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