Change in Speed Limit Rules in Chandigarh, Drive Vehicles Outside Schools and Hospitals at the Speed of 25 Km/Hour


The speed of vehicles will have to be kept at 25 kms per hour while passing in front of schools and hospitals in the city. Notification regarding the same has been issued by the administration.

The new rules of speed limit will be implemented in the entire city from tomorrow i.e. 23rd August. In such a situation, from tomorrow, the drivers will have to take special care about which roads of the city have schools and hospitals. Traffic police will deduct challans of drivers who will be seen not following the new rules.

Let us tell you that with the help of CCTV cameras, challans are being deducted in the city. Helmets have now been made mandatory for women and children above four years of age. In such a situation, those driving on the roads of the city will now have to drive the vehicle with more caution. Otherwise, you may have to face the process of legal action along with heavy fines.

Chandigarh had implemented new rules in April 2022 itself by amending the speed limit rules. According to the new rules, the maximum speed limit for vehicles with a capacity of up to eight passengers on a road with dividers has been kept at 60 kmph. The speed limit has been fixed at 50 km on city internal roads (single road) and 40 km on sector roads. Vehicles with a capacity of more than nine persons can travel at a speed of 50 km on a road with dividers and 40 km on a single road and an inside sector road.


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