Checklist Event Organiser Can Ensure For Physical Events Safety


If you have been constantly thinking about what could go wrong in your upcoming event, don’t worry, you ain’t being pessimistic. In fact, it is something you must do, so that you incorporate all the safety measures in the event planning stages which might come in handy in case of an emergency situation.

You always hope for the best but it is practical to be prepared for any accidents that could happen. Once you know the risks well, you can plan accordingly and prepare to deal with them without letting them cause much harm!

Since you are organizing an event, a lot depends on you. And ensuring the safety of your attendees deserves your prime focus. To make sure to not miss a thing here, we have for you an event safety checklist so that you can be confident that everything is in place, if there arises a need. Also, do not forget to be well versed with the government guidelines if you ever feel unsure of anything.

Here are a few things to look out for when listing safety measures for events:

Check if the venue is suitable for the event

Have a written plan of the entire event in front of you. It should have the audience size and the demographics. Also include all the activities that are expected to take place. When you visit the venue, you can make sure if it will comfortably accommodate the attendees, if it will be accessible to all, the facilities in and around the venue and any infrastructural hassle that might interfere with your setup.


Check all the risks involved due to hazards

Consider all the hazards that could possibly happen and rate each of them as per the risks involved. There could be issues with crowd management, or electrical equipment. And then there are weather, fire and environmental hazards to be taken into consideration. Presently it has also become mandatory to take care of the COVID-related hazards as well. So make sure the venue is big enough to implement government guidelines on social distancing norms.

Once you know all the risks, you can plan ahead about how you can mitigate each one of them. Whenever you feel you need extra help, you can also involve the local authorities or emergency services.

Do you have an emergency plan?

Even after taking all the preventative measures, what would be your first step in case the emergency situation arises? It could be because of the bad weather, or the stage could collapse, or anything for that matter. Prepare your course of action in any kind of an emergency situation.

You and your staff need to know how to raise an alarm, get in touch with the police, summon emergency help services and manage the crowd without causing any harm to the attendees.

Install security equipments and make sure they are visible

You might think that security cameras come into use as a response to a threat, but their role cannot be neglected in its prevention. If there is a potential miscreant, the sight of the security cameras will force them to think twice before they cause any trouble.

Have metal detectors installed at the entrance and let people know about them. Most people would avoid carrying prohibited items. Besides, this will make the attendees as well as the staff feel so much safer.

Do not forget to consider cyber threats as well

Security risks ain’t just physical. With the advanced technology taking over our lives, security risks have levelled up too. Check if your wi-fi service is password protected to keep intruders off your network. Take help of an IT professional to make sure all the cyber security measures are in place.

The possibility of something untoward happening at an event cannot be eliminated completely, but by being well prepared and vigilant you can minimize any chances of harm and inconvenience to your guests.

It is only wise to invest time, effort and money in resources that will keep any potential risks at bay and will make the attendees feel safe and secure at your event. Do not forget to save this event safety guide to refer to while planning your next event.

We understand that managing an entire event can sometimes get complicated and you might end up feeling overwhelmed. But you can keep all your worries aside and share with us your queries and concerns in the comments section. Our experts will be happy to resolve them for you.



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