Exercise To Keep Employee Active During Work From Home


Home has become the most preferred location to work from for the employees these days. It gives them the flexibility to be with their family while working hard to fulfill their dreams. They no longer have to move miles away to keep their jobs.

Even though it has been a great change, happily welcomed by the employees as well as the employers, it brings its consequences too. As more and more employees choose to work from home, they end up sitting at one place for a major part of their day. This sedentary lifestyle eventually puts them at risk of contracting lifestyle health ailments in the long run.

So is there a way they can keep themselves active while working from home? Of course!
Here’s a list of exercises they can perform daily to keep their muscles moving.


Relax your body with yoga

Everybody knows the health benefits of yoga very well. It is great not just for physical health, but mental health too. And that needs to be taken care of equally when you are working in the corporate sector. The yoga postures help warm up the muscles and also build muscle strength.

It also aids in healing if you are recovering from an illness or surgery. The best part is, you don’t need much space to practice yoga. It can be done indoors as well.


Re-energise yourself with squats

Squats exercise the muscles of both your upper and lower body simultaneously. Even if you have had a hectic schedule, you can take out 5 minutes to squat, even on your bedside and it will work up the muscles of your entire body, keeping them active and strong.


Get your muscles moving jogging on the spot

This one is yet another great option for the busy bees who want a quick cardio session. You don’t even have to go out of your room. Just jog on the spot and sweat the stress out. It not only will benefit your muscles but make you feel proud of yourself too.


Challenge yourself with a plank

SPlanks are the best exercise to have a strong core. Spending an entire day working on your laptop will lead to a weak lower back. Planks are a great way to build core strength and exercise your back muscles. Don’t feel demotivated if you can’t hold a plank for even 5 seconds initially. It happens to everyone the first few times. Gradually you get better at it. And the results are amazing!


Stretch out a little with sitting exercises

While working, let your body open up and move every hour. Stretch out your arms. Let your fingers loosen up. Move your head left and right, up and down. It requires little effort but works wonders for the muscles that get sore by sitting in one place all day. Add this simple technique to your daily routine and you will notice how much you benefit from it.


Level up with the push-ups

Push-ups can be done with the help of the side of your bed. So even if you are packed with work, you can still take out 5 minutes to do push-ups for the sake of your health. Isn’t it?


Apart from these exercises, there are several other ways to keep your body active. Do not keep your water bottle on your bedside. This way, every time you feel thirsty, you will have to walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Do not let your laziness end you up dehydrated!

Walk while you attend office calls. Make it a rule. It will increase the blood flow in your body and you will feel good too.

Every once in a while, you can stand up and stretch your body. Although, you can do that even if you are sitting in your chair too.

Most importantly, get out of your chair and take a break. Move around, climb up & down the stairs, and relax on the balcony for a while. Your mind and body need rest. Don’t deprive them of their recharge time.

You will notice your productivity gets better when you start taking care of yourself. Make sure work from home proves to be a boon for you and not a health risk in the long run.



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