Fresh Cut: One-of-its-Kind Art Fete in Tricity


A one-of-its-kind art fete ‘Fresh Cut’ was held recently in the Tricity which brought together creators and enthusiasts under one roof. The event was hosted by Social in Sector 7, Chandigarh, and was well attended by art aficionados. The all-day art stalls were put up as part of the showcase which also had various artists displaying their works, with many works on display for sale.

Art Fete ‘Fresh Cut’

The event was made possible through a collaboration with Nritya Culture with many visual artists coming together to make the event a success. The art works represented different genres — while some were works of illustration, others were pieces of Mandala art works, geometric art designs mostly representing deities — making sure that there was something for art lovers with varied interests in the Tricity.

art designs at art fete ‘Fresh Cut’

There were also many paintings on display at the event which also had live music performances with a DJ act to keep up with the artistic vibes of the event. A similar event has already been held in Mumbai and Pune.

art fete ‘Fresh Cut’

The event gave an opportunity to local artists who not only got to put up their stalls but also sold their works.  The entry for the event which began at 12 noon on Sunday was free, though the organisers asked for an RSVP. It was a unique experience that aimed to promote art and artists locally and also had a good turnout at the weekend.


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