Get Set Go! 7 Ultimate Ways to Prepare for Your First Marathon Run


So, you have signed up for your first Marathon Run! Now, what’s next? Many thoughts are striking your mind, such as, “What I am up to?” A marathon may seem tedious and intimidating venture. But, with appropriate planning and preparation, no one can stop you from making through the 26.2 miles aptly.

Moreover, you will be proud of your amazing accomplishment in your upcoming marathon event.

Therefore, are you ready to lift yourself for your first marathon? Just follow these 7 simple ways, and you are all set. Here you go-

1. Pick the Suitable Training Plan

You can’t tie your laces and start running. Find a plan that helps you build up your endurance and mileage. It is advised to pick the plan that coincides with your current running level. Your plan should include specified mileage and suggested number of days for running to determine if it is viable.


2. Fueling and Refreshing
Undoubtedly, you are going to feel hungry after your running session. But, having the right foods at the right time can help you prepare for your first marathon run. You need to ignore oily meals even if you are craving for them.It is recommended to consume foods with a ratio of 3 to 1 protein to carbohydrate to regain energy. Moreover, you can refuel by drinking chocolate milk or protein shake.


3. Don’t Overthink!
Just follow the training plan; don’t worry about its results. The great accomplishment for a newbie is to complete a marathon in one go. Regardless of your upcoming event is 15-day away or a month away, keep on increasing your weekly mileage by no more than 15 percent. It reduces the risk of injury over time.


4. Mental Preparation
The confidence and mindset level that you established during training influence your outlook and performance on the race day. Know about the event before the race by going to the venue where the marathon will take place. Thus, there will be nothing new for you when you are running the final race.


5. Physical Fitness
Whether you are recovering from any serious illness or have just twisted your ankle playing football, it is imperative to go through a medical check-up. You need to see if you are fit and well for your upcoming marathon event. After all, it’s not a walk in the park.


6. Run 3-4 Days a Week
For your better training log, note down your run times, daily mileage, and race times and distances. It will help you learn from your training. Moreover, keep one long run, two short runs, and an optional recovery run day. Focus on your run pace one day, and work on it accordingly on the next day.


7. Always Listen to Your Body
If you feel tired, rest. If you think training is hard, have one day off, but don’t break the loop. No matter what your training plan says, your body is your good friend during the marathon. Always listen to it and practice up to your stamina level.

Give your best while experiencing your first marathon race.
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