A One-Of-A-Kind Fitness Fest in Chandigarh


Fitness has become the latest trend in Chandigarh, what with marathons and health-centred events happening all over the tricity on an almost weekly basis. Here’s a one-stop event that brings together healthy-living and physical wellness for all those out there who are conscious about leading a proactive lifestyle.

What : Fitness Fest Chandigarh
When : Mar 8 – Mar 10, 2018
Where: New Lake, Sector 42

Online healthcare venture BioProNut has collaborated with Chandigarh Tourism, SwatiModo, and World Healthal Trust to bring about the Chandigarh Fitness Fest – a one stop platform for fitness freaks to understand and engage with the health and fitness industry – consumers and investors included – and gather insight into the range of services and goods available today. The motivation behind this initiative is to generate awareness, development, opportunity, and more for those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Their aim is to Make India Fit and to promote fitness and health awareness across India by raising awareness of the health issues a lay man faces today due to significant changes in our lifestyles and the environment. In accordance with this objective, the three day long fitness fest will provide various awareness tools such as a free medical checkup and mass diagnosis, along with providing medical digitisation. Additionally, live fitness activities and sports will be conducted at the venue, with a focus on encouraging cross-culture fitness.

The thing about fitness is that there is no one way to approach it, and the organisers behind the Chandigarh Fitness Fest themselves recognise and endorse this opinion. Thus, activities at the fest will not only focus on athletic modes of fitness but also on dance forms and martial arts and meditative practices that bring about a healthy lifestyle. Workout sessions will include Zumba and Desi Bhangra, along with yoga camps, running challenges, and freestyle dance competitions. A Mixed Martial Arts show is also in store for those with a more rugged approach to fitness. The competitive kinds can partake in the exciting fitness challenges lined up.

Along with a medical health check up, the organisers have made provision for medical digitisation that allows you to avail discounts at various medical services online and at your doorstep. A free diagnosis camp and a cancer camp are also going to be present at the fest. The organisers have also made arrangements for a detailed and informative discussion on the importance of preventive healthcare and the need for health insurance to safeguard our survival in this increasingly unhealthy world.

The enthusiastic lot will have access to public interactions with bigtime fitness celebs to take inspiration from. Moreover, a fitness centric food fest is also in store for those looking to make a dietary change to their lifestyle. So head on over simply because it’s such a one-of-its kind fest, you may not have the opportunity to visit one again.


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