Girls’ Gang Hangs Out: Sacred Heart Dalhousie Alumnae Meet Spreads Warm Smiles in Chandigarh

Sacred Heart Dalhousie Alumnae Meet

When old timers meet after a long time with a few more grey strands of hair and wrinkles of wisdom and experience, they reminisce their youthful days. Nostalgia rents the air, not letting go off any moment, with warm hugs, tight handshakes and overjoyed eyes. This is what the atmosphere was at the alumnae meet of the Chandigarh Chapter of Sacred Heart Dalhousie which held its 2nd reunion after a prolonged gap of 4 years.

Sacred Heart Dalhousie Alumnae 2nd reunion.

Sacred Heart girls from the UK, Indonesia, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, and Delhi made the day one to remember. All this was possible with the joint efforts of all the team members, under the guidance of the Chandigarh Chapter President, Sarabjit Kaur, lovingly called Saby.

Alumnae Meet

Sacred Heart Dalhousie, established in 1901, still stands tall as an institution and all the alumnae take pride in being a part of it. Whenever and wherever the girls meet, the conversation centers around the school, college, and the great ethical values that each one of them imbibed in some form or the other, all of which are deeply ingrained in their attitudes and lifestyles.

It is with this sentiment and excitement that all the lovely ladies had eagerly awaited the reunion. Those who left college 50 years ago, took this Reunion as an opportunity to come together and relive and revive their golden memories.

fun filled Alumnae Meet

Behind the fun-filled nostalgia lay the strong bond of togetherness which transcended all barriers of age. ‘Girls’ in their mid 70s, very comfortably and with ease, found a common ground with those in their late 40s.

Sacred Heart Dalhousie Alumnae Meet

The CGA (Chandigarh Golf Association) Club, Chandigarh,  vibrated with the songs of yore, and the impromptu dance brought back the giggles, the laughter, and the nostalgia which made everyone feel adoration and immense gratitude for the Sacred Heart nuns and teachers who moulded them.

Alumnae Meet

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