Haal-E-Dil – An Overwhelming Open Mic Night


Open mic nights have become a trend in the tricity and we are glad for it! It means more and more people are coming out of their shells to share their work with a listening audience. Here’s the latest in open mic, if you need a place to just relax and absorb the beautiful compositions of fellow Chandigarhians.

What : Haal-E-Dil Silsila Jari Hai
When : Mar 18, 2018 | 4PM – 7PM
Where: Lumos Coco, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh

On Feb 25, hardly a few weeks back, Conviction Visuals organised an open mic night at a quaint little co-working cafe in Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh – a place called Lumos Coco. The idea was that anyone who wanted a platform to share what’s on their mind, a story, an incident, or even a little poem of their own composition could simply step up to the mike and pour their heart out. The only criteria being that it had to be original. The event was aptly titled Haal-E-Dil.

So, Chandigarh answered and how! The event turned out to be such a success that these guys are now back with the next edition – Haal-E-Dil Silsila Jari Hai. The idea remains the same – to have a platform for people who want to share anecdotes, poetry, music, or shayari from the heart without the fear of being judged. And if walking up to the stage and speaking up in front of random strangers is not your thing, fret not. Simply go and find a cozy little spot for yourself and let your heart be filled with the outpour of emotions spilling on stage.

More and more people are finding a voice of expression nowadays and the word is catching on! We’re only glad for it because it means more places to go to and more personal experiences to absorb. The last event witnessed a multitude of people, from a grandpa starting his poem with the lines
Meri zindagi ka aakhri padaav hai
Fir bhi jeene ki chah hai
To a young man reminiscing his childhood days, ending his poem with the lines
Chote chote bacho mein
Ab apna bachpan dhundta hun
The themes of the articulation varied from lost love to martyred soldiers. From the romantic to the nostalgic to the beautifully enigmatic, our fellow Chandigarhians have a lot to express, but only if someone is willing to listen.

And it’s happening again on the 18th. If you have nothing important keeping you busy, we suggest you head over to Lumos Coco without giving it a second thought. You won’t be disappointed, promise.


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