Indo-Pak Exhibitions Are The Flavour of The Month


India and Pakistan may be sworn enemies on the political front. But culturally, the two countries have belonged to a common lineage and shared heritage since time immemorial. The lifestyle and clothing choices are not very different either. Here are two exhibitions this month that celebrate the indo-pak amalgamation of designs and motifs.

What  : Nikaah Indo-Pak Exhibition

When : Apr 14 – Apr 15, 2018  | 11AM onwards

Where: Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh

What  : Jashan Indo-Pak Exhibition

When : Apr 28 – Apr 30, 2018 | 10AM onwards

Where: Himachal Bhawan, Sector 28

Before partition tore the two nations apart, North India and Pakistan belonged to one common identity, i.e. Punjab. The two countries are similar in culture, history, and heritage simply by virtue of being rooted in the same land, being descendants of the same civilisation. Be it food, music, literature, movies, mysticism, lifestyle – there are no dearth of similarities between the two countries.

What’s more, as neighbours with common tastes, Indian styles and designs are often influenced by Pakistani culture in the same way as theirs are influenced by us. The two countries constantly inspire each other, and yet, it’s a shame that there is such political enmity between the two sibling countries. Nevertheless, if there is anything that the friendly relationship between Indians and Pakistanis proves, it is that political conflict and vested government interests need not get in the way of a cultural marriage between the two countries. And it is exhibitions like these that are exactly the proof of this marriage of cultures.

While Nikaah is an Indo-Pak exhibition that is all about fashion and design, Jashan is more of a lifestyle exhibition. The first one promises you labelled apparel, designer wear, jewellery, fashioned footwear, and accessories. Jashan, on the other hand, will include all of the above designer wear jazz as well as home decor and lifestyle products and services. The aesthetic of Pakistani designers is similar to that of Indian designers in more ways than you may be aware. Here’s your chance to go out there and get the exposure to indo-pak styles that are truly in vogue these days.


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