YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions Tricity Residents!


Tricity denizens obviously love occasions to go out, there’s no doubt about it. So, how about a fest that purely celebrates our love for going out? We always need an excuse to head out anyway, and here’s a festival with a bang that aims to do just that.

What : YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions
When : Apr 7 – Apr 8, 2018 | 11AM onwards
Where: Parade Ground, Sector 17

The dewy mornings and breezy evenings in Chandigarh have been doing a good job of duping us into believing that the summer is far away. Yet, impervious to us, spring is slowing creeping out the tricity gates and paving the way for summer to set in. Come April, our work and school calendars officially marked the season as warm and sunny. And this season of heat and sweat is not going to say goodbye any time soon.

In preparation of the hot season, Rubix Events decided to throw a chilly, two day festival celebrating Chandigarh’s love for going out and hopping about. A festival that brings together all that we love about stepping out of the house – flea markets, food, music, and shopping! With their #freezingsummers hashtag taking over the tricity social media, their idea is to beat the heat with a cool and freezy start to the hot season. Consider it a frosty start to a sweltering summer.

What’s on offer? Um, two days of outdoor shopping, mouth watering food, fun games, prizes to be won, and entertaining live music! What more do we need to make us happy anyway? Whether it’s the good bargains that you’re on the lookout for, or the endless search for scrumptious food, or just an excuse to chill with loved ones – whatever be your reason to step out this weekend, YOLO is the place you’ll want to head to. From adolescents to the youngsters to those well into their prime to the oldies even… this festival is for all who just want a lively and fresh vibe, a break from everyday life.

YOLO Festival is out and about to create a fiery and energetic experience over two days. The idea is to create a platform for increase of brand awareness and outreach. This in turn will bring about better qualitative standards in brand retail. And that’s how better shopping standards will come about too. The festival promises its visitors a world class retail experience for entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Shopping categories include everything from clothing to home decor to electronic gadgets to handmade products to jewellery to handicraft items to organic products. Real estate and automobile stalls will also be on offer, along with health and medical outlets. So, unless there’s something on the list that doesn’t tick your need, there’s no reason for you to not go, right!


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