Kirpal Kaur’s Friends Food Stall, Phase 9, Mohali


In today’s times, when jobs are unpredictable, and one never knows what’s in store in the future, we need to be war-ready for whatever comes our way. Kirpal Kaur, a graduate, and in her 30s did not have anything like this in her mind. She was doing her regular job at Connect Broadband at a salary of Rs 20,000 per month.

She had a day off from work on Dussehra, she made up her mind — she wanted to start her own work. She had seen her father-in-law setting his own food stall occassionally outside the PCA stadium at Phase X, Mohali whenever there was an international match. Her innate desire to self -sustain herself got fired, she went to the market and within two hours bought a few things and gathered some from home, everything she required to set her food stall, including 2 commercial gas stoves and cylinder, with the help of her two friends. The next day she was good to go. “You should have the courage, once you start something, things automatically happen,” this is the spirit with which she began on Day 1. The first day, she had 20-25 customers and she earned Rs 1,000.

Not even a month is complete yet, she has about 50-60 people who regularly come to her stall every day. “There are office-goers, students, PGs, some of them give me a call and I keep the food ready,” she says.


What does she have on the platter?

She has all kind of paranthas – 2 paranthas with curd costs Rs 60; a thalli with 2 vegetables, 3 chappatis and chutney is also for Rs 60.

Place: Friends food stall, near Phase 9 petrol pump, Mohali.

Name: Kirpal Kaur

Contact: 7355515552

Timings: 9.30 am to 4 pm

USP: Prepares everything fresh there and then, including vegetables

What does she think is the biggest difference in a regular job and your own private work? “I realized I can earn double the amount from my own work, plus you have the independence to work according to your requirement, you don’t take commands from anybody, you earn more, you can sometimes not work if there’s a problem or get free early…”

Yes, but there is a drawback, “It demands a lot of hard work, you don’t realise when the day breaks and when the sun sets”. But it’s worth taking a risk.


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