LaFeria Is Opening Its Gates To Dogs This Weekend!


You’ll often see or hear about dog oriented events, cafes, festivals, and what not happening in the big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. But what about our puppers here in Chandigarh? They need love too. That’s why Doggizza and LaFeria Events got together to make their next pop-up truly dog friendly!

What : Doggievent @ LaFeria
When : Mar 10 – Mar 11, 2018 | 10AM onwards
Where : Chandigarh Club Ltd, Sector 1

We Chandigarhians love to go out, don’t we? Be it a movie, or a festival, or a small scale event happening at a nearby cafe, or even if it is to simply hang out with near and dear ones… we just need an excuse to step out of the house and indulge our cravings. But what about the little babies we leave at home? No, not the human babies – those are usually taken care of. We’re talking about our darling four-legged puppers sitting around all day waiting for us to come back and play with them.

If you’re a dog owner, then you know very well just how dependent our furry friends are on their human companions. Their day starts and ends with us playing with them, feeding them, and simply giving them the attention they crave for 24×7. In fact, there’s a research that says pet dogs constantly think of their owners even in their dreams! Now that’s a whole new level of dedication, don’t you think? And what do we do? We happily play with them and give them love when it suits us, and leave them to loiter around the house when it doesn’t. That’s just not fair.

So, Doggizza and LaFeria events decided to do something about this. They decided to open their next pop-up not just to humans but also to the furry companions. And it’s not the first time they’re doing it either. A similar experiment took place in September last year and proved to be such a hit that they want to do it again and again. All you have to do is bring your dog to the venue and leave your pet with them. While you go and have your own kind of fun, they will be immersed in their own world of fun.

Facilities on offer include vet services, pet spa, pet accessories, a dog bakery, pet trainers, a pool/ball party, and so much more! There’s also quirky little competitions going to held and complimentary gifts for lucky winners too! A one-of-its-kind fun and entertainment event only for dogs. We promise you, they’ll love you for it just as much as you love them for just being there, no?


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