The Sufi Route Featuring AR Rahman and Others Live in Concert


What – Sufi Concert
Where – Kuli Khan’s Tomb, Qutub Minar Complex
When – November 18, 1pm

The beginning of November brings with it a certain melodiousness to the world. The evenings are for relaxation and peering deep into the psyche of our existence with some soul stirring music playing in the back. For those of you who are in staunch agreement with the first two lines, we have some exciting news for you. The Sufi Route concert for peace is bringing you the greatest Sufi musicians of our times at the most magical of locations – Qutub Minar on the 18th of November.

The event is being held with a motive of recreating the era of Sufism with traditional music and poetry. Fans from across the world are expected to attend this enchanting, otherworldly experience. The headlining act of the do is by none other than AR Rahman, the genius that gave us a Sufi gem in it’s own right – ‘Kun Faya Kun’ in 2011 and many many other songs that are etched in the memories of the fans. The roster also has the amazing following acts up it’s sleeve –

The Nooran Sisters
The crackling duo of Jyoti and Sultana Nooran broke all the rules with their hit song ‘Tung Tung’. The sisters have been trained for over a decade by their father Ustad Gulshan Mir, the son of renowned Sufi singer Bibi Nooran. The Nooran Sisters vocals are the right mix of soulful and exciting at the same time.

Mukhtiar Ali
Born in a semi nomadic Rajasthani community of the Mirasis, Mukhtiar Ali is another gem on the roster. His singing is a mix of poetry by Kabir, Meera or Bulleh Shah and other poets of the Sufi era. His is an act you cannot afford to this!

Hans Raj Hans
The man needs no introduction. The punjabi folk singer has had a glorious singing career and is still growing strong. His rendition of the song Kacche Dhaage is embedded in the fond memory of his fans

Other notable mentions include – NEFES – Dervish Dancers with Band, a turkish ensemble; Dhruv Sanagri.

The concert is a ticketed event and a pricey one at that. The tickets start from INR 5000 and go upto INR 25000. But the extraordinary Sufi experience is sure as heck a priceless one.

To summarise, let your soul loose with The Sufi Route concert this November and experience music in a whole new, different light.


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Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
5 years ago

Team I would love to get more details about this event

Please call back