Wanderlust Musician Satvik Sakar Begins His Banjaariyat Tour From Chandigarh


Banjaariyat Tour, a mini art festival, is being held by singer and songwriter Satvik Sakar at Mera Qi in Chandigarh. The event celebrates and shares stories through different art forms like poetry, storytelling, and music.

Banjaariyat Tour - Musician Satvik Sakar

Speaking with CityWoofer, Satvik Sakar says, “I have always believed that everything that surrounds us has a story to tell and an artist is a person who tells these stories through his art. Banjaariyat is a try at bringing all these stories together through different forms of art, be it painting, storytelling, poetry or music. The name of the event comes from my song Banjaara Dil”.

Choosing to begin his tour from Chandigarh, he wants to keep the gathering limited. The event will also feature an art exhibition by local artists from Chandigarh and delicious treats provided by PixieDust Studios. The event will have three acts — a poetry performance, a storytelling performance and an original music performance.

Banjaariyat Tour From Chandigarh

Musical performance by Satvik Sakar

Coming from Jaipur, Sakar is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and electronic artist. While growing up, he was exposed to a variety of genres of music, from ghazal to folk, from Jagjeet Singh to Bryan Adams, and these diverse influences can be felt in his music.

Poetry by Srizen Khaneja

Born in a small town, Fatehabad,  in Haryana and brought up by parents who are a little ahead of their peers, Srizen Khaneja is someone who loves reading, observing and evaluating.

She is someone who loves to look forward to new things, but also learns from the past. She is continuously on the path of self-discovery and evaluation, completing her masters in English while writing poetry.

Storytelling performance by Rajvir Singh

A storyteller and a poet from Chandigarh, he is known for his versatility, he can make you feel elated and make you cry at the same time. He was recently invited as a judge at the literature fest of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University, and has been invited to perform at other prestigious universities as well.

When: March 11, Saturday

Time: 6 PM onwards

Where: 544, Sector-18 B, Chandigarh


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