Night life at PU: Jamming Sessions at Gandhi Bhawan Create New Energy


As the sun sets over the tranquil campus of Punjab University, a new energy fills the air. The dull hum of daytime activities fades away and is replaced by the pulsating rhythm of music that echoes in the alleys of Gandhi Bhawan. It is here, in the heart of the PU campus, that a vibrant nightlife springs to life, drawing students from all corners of the university to gather and express themselves through the power of music. Students gather around the main building, the pool area, where musicians gather to tune their instruments and prepare for their performances.

Gandhi Bhawan

Gandhi Bhawan, which stands tall and majestic against the night sky, has become the hub of this nocturnal culture, where students gather to jam, sing and dance. The building, which serves as a cultural epicentre during the day, transforms into a pulsating nightclub as the night wears on.

PU Zinda to 24 ghante rehti hai magar saans raat ke 11 baje se le kar 3 baje tak leti hai… Log alag hi duniya se mukhatib hote hain… Sard hawa, shaant mahaul, aur beech mein Gandhi Bhawan ke paas se Guitar ki halki halki awaaz ke saath sureeli awaaz mein gaate log… Is se behtar zindagi kya hogi..? Din bhar ki thakaan, takleef, mushkilat bas un kuchh ghanton mein gayab rehti hai aur sukoon ki saans le paate hain log” says Paramveer, a research scholar from Department of English.

“When I was a student here, Gandhi Bhawan was a place where we could attend lectures and seminars, and where we would occasionally come to watch a play or a musical performance. But today, it has transformed into something much more vibrant and dynamic,’’ shares a veteran from Panjab University.

As the music starts to flow, a sense of camaraderie and community fills the air. The diverse student population of the university comes together, leaving behind their differences and celebrating their shared love of music. The sound of guitars, drums and keyboards blends together, creating a symphony of sound that reverberates in the ramparts of the Gandhi Bhavan. The energy is contagious, and even those who do not consider themselves musicians find themselves tapping their feet and swaying to the beat.

PU Campus

As the night wears on, the jamming sessions become more intense, the music more electrifying, and the crowd more animated. The sense of freedom and expression that comes with the night brings out the best in the musicians, and they push the boundaries of creativity, experimenting with new sounds and styles.

In the wee hours, the last notes of music fade away, the students reluctantly begin to disperse, their souls nourished and their spirits lifted. They return to their hostels and dorms, with the memories of the night still fresh in their minds. The night may be over, but the spirit of the music lives on, and they know that they will return to Gandhi Bhawan once again to connect with their fellow students and create something beautiful through the power of music.


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