NUE GO Electric Buses Start Operations On Delhi-Chd Route


NUE GO, the flagship brand of GreenCell Mobility, has announced the launch of its inter-city electric buses across five cities in India. With an inaugural offer of Rs 349 per seat on the Chandigarh-Delhi route, NUE GO aims to provide a greener and more sustainable mode of transportation.

According to the company’s statement, the electric bus coaches will run on an hourly basis between Chandigarh- Delhi-Dehradun route, with designated routes that cover key locations. The coaches will undergo 25 stringent safety checks, including mechanical and electrical inspections, to ensure passenger safety.

inner view of NUE GO Electric Buses

The company boasts of services such as live coach tracking, drop point geo-location, and monitored in-coach CCTV surveillance. The electric coaches are capable of running 250 kilometres on a single charge, even with ACs on, in traffic conditions, and have already completed 200,000 kilometres of road trials prior to the launch of the services, as mentioned in the official release.

NUE GO Electric Buses

To book their tickets, passengers can use NUE GO’s website or mobile app, which allows them to choose their seats, make payments, and receive confirmation of their bookings.

NUE GO also claims to provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for its passengers, however, this is what one of the passengers on the Delhi-Chandigarh NUE GO  electric bus had to say, “When I arrived at the designated pickup point , there was no signage or visible indication of the Nue Go bus service. I had to ask around to find the bus, and even then, the staff members were not clear on the exact location of the boarding point. This caused a delay in the departure, and I missed the bus altogether”.

So while the concept of electric inter-city bus service is admirable, the execution needs improvement in terms of customer service and convenience.



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