Ring Bus Service Connecting Markets in Panchkula to Hit Roads Soon


Panchkula residents in the outer areas can now look forward to a safer visit to marketplaces within Panchkula. A fleet of at least 50 buses will soon hit city roads through a ring bus service connecting city markets in the district.

Ring bus service

The Citizens Welfare Association (CWA) has played a pivotal role in making the long-cherished dream of the residents of the district, especially the senior citizens, come true.

Speaking with CityWoofer, an ecstatic CWA president S K Nayar minces no words, “We had been pressing hard with those at the helm for over decades to accede to the residents’ genuine demand for making the new ring bus service available to them, sooner than later. At the end of the day our strenuous efforts, which include an uninterrupted stream of letters and rejoinders that have been exchanged with the political dispensations, have paid off.”

Ring Bus Service in Panchkula

The CWA chief further informs that although the ring bus service was introduced by the then Bhajan Lal government, it was discontinued in 1992 within 25 days.

Nayar further says, ‘Pursuant to our demand for the revival of the defunct ring bus service, the government gave a written assurance to meet the demand. The state transport commissioner has given nod to the intra-city bus service and has approved the provision of a fleet of 50 electric buses for Panchkula keeping in mind the growing demand of residents.

S K NAYAR, President, Citizens' Welfare Association, Panchkula
S K NAYAR, President, Citizens’ Welfare Association, Panchkula

Sharing details, Nayar says the association had through a letter broached the issue with the State Transport Commissioner (STC) in March 2022, following which the General Manager of Haryana Roadways Panchkula was entrusted with the task.

Ring Bus Service in Panchkula

The CWA expressed its gratitude to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Vidhan Sabha Speaker and MLA Gyan Chand Gupta, and, the State Transport Commissioner for being thoughtful of the long-pending demand of residents of Panchkula and making the service available to them. It will prove to be a boon in disguise for them in true sense of the term as they will be able to travel hassle-free between Panchkula markets.

Sunil Minocha, Panchkula resident

Sunil Minocha, Panchkula resident

Reacting to the government’s decision to accede to the persistent demand for a regular ring service, Sunil Minocha, a resident of Sector 20, Panchkula says, “Giving a nod to the proposal to introduce the ring bus service in Panchkula is a welcome step, which will not only facilitate city residents hassle-free travel within the local markets, but will also decongest the crowded market areas of unruly traffic botch-ups”.

(The writer, Ramesh K Dhiman, is a former staffer of The Tribune and freelancer. He has written extensively for leading newspapers and magazines on art, culture, mythology, besides travelogues.)


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