“Water ATM” – Chandigarh’s First in Sector 35


Chandigarh: A “Water ATM” has been installed in Chandigarh’s sector 35 market. A total of four water ATMs have been installed among which one has been made functional. Chief engineer NP Sharma said, “The ATMs were supplied by Punjab and Sind Bank under corporate social responsibility (CSR). Each water ATM cost around ₹5.25 lakh.”

The MC paid for installation and civil work, which costs around ₹2 lakh per water ATM. The civic body will also bear maintenance costs, including paying for electricity and water, he said. The potable water available at the ATM will be as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The water will be available from 9 am to 9pm on a daily basis.

The charges are ₹1 for 300ml, ₹3 for 500 ml, ₹5 for 1,000 ml, ₹20 for 5,000 ml and ₹35 for 20,000 ml.


The water ATM has been equipped with a provision of dispensing chilled water (15°C) during summers. An LED digital screen will display four key parameters of water standards – pH (measure of how acidic or basic the water is), hardness (the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium), TDS (total dissolved solids) and temperature in real time.

Users can swipe the card or insert a coin in the WAU (water ATM unit) sensor and choose the quantity they want. The storage capacity of each water ATM is 500 litre, which has been enhanced by providing a 1,000 litre water storage tank.

Sharma said the water ATMs will meet the long-pending demand of shopkeepers as well as visitors in the market.


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