Samavesh – A 15km Cycling Expedition


If you’ve been frequenting the Panjab University campus in the last one week or so, you’re sure to have spotted NCC Cadets cycling all over the place like it was their sole aim in life. We have news for you – it’s all in preparation of the upcoming cycling expedition, Samavesh.

What  : Samavesh Cycling Expedition
When : Mar 10, 2018 | 7:30AM onwards
Where : Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University

If you think about it, the cycle has been one of the oldest independent modes of transport in our country. From back when there were no cars and scooters, there were only bullock carts and the like. But the problem with those was that one had to be dependent on an animal to move the ‘vehicle’ from one place to another. And then came the cycle! Possibly one of the first means of transport where you needed no external source (except your own strength) to run it.

Even today, the cycle remains the only mode of conveyance that requires simple human force to move it, without the need for any additional resources such as that in cars, busses, etc. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, cycling has today become more of an exercise regime and only a very small percentage of the population uses the cycle a transportation vehicle. Be that as it may, cycling will never go out of fashion. And for those who solely indulge in cycling for its fitness quotient, well, more power to them!

The National Cadet Corps of Panjab University are out to promote a similar attitude to cycling through Samavesh – a 15km cycling expedition. The expedition is open to any and everyone who wishes to participate in the expedition. Starting from Gandhi Bhawan inside the university campus, participants will ride up to Sukhna Lake and then back to the university. NCC cadets have been out and about promoting this expedition and spreading the message of health and fitness, through freeze mobs and cycle rallies. If marathons and fitness challenges aren’t your thing, then perhaps try this one out. What’s more, you’ll even be rewarded with a medal, a certificate, and some cool refreshments for it.


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