5 Tips to Increase Oxygen Level in Body


What do you think is most important in a human being’s life? Is it Friends? Or Family? Okay, it is food, clothes, and shelter. But, don’t you think you’re missing something. OXYGEN!! A human being cannot stay alive without Oxygen.

How can you enjoy food, clothing, shelter, friends, and your family if you don’t breathe? Of course, you’re reading this, that means you are alive. But do you think you’re doing it right? Are you sure that the amount of oxygen you intake is optimum for your body?

Confused? Here, you will find some fantastic tips that will help you follow a proper breathing routine and increase the oxygen level in your body.

Indoor Plants


1. Grow Indoor Plants Plants are one of the best sources of oxygen. Why? Because they intake carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen gas that is good for humans. Having a house plant will purify the air, improve your health, and help you breathe properly. Plants like money plants should be grown at homes as it initiates the oxygen level in the environment and purifies your mind and soul.

2. Stay Active It is rightly said that ‘A sound mind lies in a sound body.’ Now, why I said this quote here is because an active body is a source of mindfulness and stimulates the soul. Also, it helps you stay active all time. An active body brings out the best soul, thereby reinforcing the oxygen level in your body.

Stay Active
Hydrate Yourself


3. Hydrate Yourself

Water is life. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily will not only keep you healthy but also bolster your oxygen level. Water is released every second from our body through the nose, mouth, eyes, sweat, secretion, etc. If the body does not get adequate water, then it will affect your breathing process, which in turn lowers the oxygen level in your body. Hence, water plays a vital role in increasing the oxygen level in your body to maintain adequate health.

4. Practice Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are similar to meditation. All you need to do is inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth. It will enhance your breathing process and boost the oxygen level in your body. Breathing exercises like Pursed Lip Breathing and Alternate Nostril Breathing are naturally helpful in increasing oxygen in the body. Anyone can perpetuate these exercises anywhere and at any time in a couple of minutes. Pursed Lip Breathing means inhaling from the nose at 2 points and exhaling from lips with a whistle, whereas Alternate Nostril Breathing means inhaling from one side of the nose and exhaling from the other by closing the one by thumb.

Breathing exercise


5. Meditate

Meditation is one of the essential elements to boost up your oxygen level. Closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath will give you mindfulness and control over your breathing cycle. All you need to do is sit straight, cross your legs, and close your eyes. Let the energy transfer from your forehead to the bottom of your feet. By focusing on your breath cycle, you can improve your oxygen level.

Are you now pondering trying these tips to boost the oxygen level of you and your family? A positive step indeed. Not just these, but there are more that will help you have fantastic body oxygen, which will oversee a sound body.


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