Saturday Vinyl Evenings By Anuraag J Kkhanna, Sure to Bring Back Old Musical Memories


Are you a music lover looking for a unique and intimate way to feel the original  tunes, the sounds, the lyrics of Engilsh and Hindi songs of yesteryears? Look no further than a vinyl listening session hosted by a fellow audiophile at his home.

Book your Saturday, April 22, to share the joy of vinyl playback in a cozy and relaxed setting with Tricity-based host Anuraag J Kkhanna.

Anuraag J Kkhanna, the host of Saturday Vinyl Evenings

Anuraag J Kkhanna, the host of Saturday Vinyl Evenings

“Vinyls are making a comeback, they are known to produce the original sound of a song and as the sound is superior to platform music, I thought of starting these events as they are also happening across the country. Also, the reason is to bring together like-minded people who enjoy a good taste of music,” Anurag explains about reinventing music listening on vinyl records, while speaking with CityWoofer.

People can expect to hear analog music which is the way it was recorded 70 years ago, he says. About his own love for vinyl, Anuraag shares, “I grew up surrounded in music as my father was a connoisseur of good music but as vinyls faded out in mid-80s and were rare to find, I too moved to formats like cassettes, CDs and later MP3, flac and other formats of music”.

Anuraag J Kkhanna, the host of Saturday Vinyl Evenings

“It was only about five years ago, when I picked up my dad’s collection and I could identify the highest degree of the sound that was being produced, that’s when I decided to build my own collection and today I have almost close to 2,000 records,” he says.

Collection of vinyl records

“This, mind you, is a very expensive passion to follow, not only buying them, but also maintaining amplifiers, speakers and other top of the line sound equipment. If somebody is keen to contact, they can track me down on Instagram, (hishandle: anuraagjk) and are most welcome to come and listen.”

Anuraag is also one of the top air bnb hosts in the city for the past eight years. He runs his own cafe from the same place which results in amalgamation of like-minded people with similar tastes.

Collection of vinyl records

When:  April 22, 2023

Where: 595, Sector16 D, Chandigarh

Contact: 8968128595



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