Seminar on EdTech – The Need of The Hour Today


There’s no denying how advances in technology and internet have changed our perception of the world and how we interact with it. Today’s experience of the learning mind is far more comprehensive than, say, even 15 years back. However, as responsible adults, we need to channelize how technology and internet are used for the education of today’s generation of growing children and that’s exactly what this seminar is out to do.

What : EdTech : Novel Ways of Teaching and Learning
When : Apr 14, 2018 | 4PM – 6PM
Where: Workcave, Sector 37-C

If the learning experience of millennials is charted against that of the premillennial generations, there’ll be a stark contrast in the ways of learning and imbibing knowledge between the two and thus a stark difference in the brain activity of the two. With technological advances taking place all around them, the young adults of the last 20 years have had a different kind of exposure to the world in a way that their parent generations have not.

Old is gold, they say. And perhaps that is why schools and institutions across the country are still turning to books as the best source of knowledge and learning. But with change in lifestyles and how information is consumed today, it is but obvious that the next step is to incorporate technology into learning habits and patterns for today’s generation of growing children. The integration of the two does not simply point to modernity in education, but also expands the scope of what is being learnt and how it is being learnt.

Thus, Workcave is hosting a seminar on the integration of technology with education for teachers, parents, and guardians alike. The seminar hopes to cover certain key topics in technology-based learning such as the importance of it and the role that it plays in education. Moreover, ideas will be bounced regarding how technology can be transformed from a mode of distraction to a mode of effective learning for children.

Each kid has their own learning graph and this seminar aims to find a solution to how individual learning curves can be incorporated into personalized learning methods for every child. Technical advances are only going to become more elaborate over the coming years and that’s another aspect that the seminar wishes to cover, i.e. how to adopt the future of technology and improvise upon traditional learning methods.

The session will be conducted by TabSchool Inc., a Chandigarh based EdTech startup that focuses on students’ progress through easy and successful learning with the help of their cloud-based education software. Their vision is to make education accessible to everyone.

To attend the seminar, prior registration is required. Click on the link below to register.


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