Panjab University all set to host the TEDx stage


TED which was initially known to be a convergence of Technology, Entertainment and Design, has been enlightening the people since 1984 with its spellbinding talks by immensely influential speakers. Presently it has been successful in bringing to stage a wide range of topics, from around the world, sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’, overcoming all the language barriers. It is indeed a very useful and noteworthy conference platform for people who are knowledge hungry  and are curious about deeper meanings of life, particularly those unique gems that have the power to bring about a mighty change in lives and the world.

TEDx is an initiative of TED and is an event that is independently organized, the purpose of which is to give a TED-like experience to the people who are intrigued about some unusual real life experiences and want to imbibe from them various pearls of wisdom to be implemented in their own lives. It supports the organizers who want to create a local TED-like event in their own community, presenting live speakers and even allowing the screening of some famous TED talk videos.

With so many stories wanting to be heard and inspire the world, we never have enough of them. With an intention to send impactful and strong vibes across the tricity, TEDxPanjabUniversity is being organized on 7th April. The long list of speakers has been creating a hype. The esteemed speakers include British Punjabi actress- Mandy Takhar, the famous dancer, choreographer and actor- Raghav Juyal, World Champion in public speaking at Toastmaster International- Mohammed Al Qahtani, the CEO of HT English, HT Media Ltd- Rajeev Beotra, Asst. Vice President at Reliance Industries Ltd- Anand Bhatnagar, an engineer who served the Indian Navy for 23 years and now a famous stand up comedian- Cdr. (Ret.) Manish Tyagi, Famous DJ- Gouri Sharma, an Indian Army career officer (retired), academic, journalist, author, corporate trainer and social worker- Maj. Gen. (Ret.) G. G. Dwivedi, India’s only woman to finish the most grueling cross-country rallies in the country including the mighty Raid-de-Himalaya and magnificent Desert Storm on a motorcycle- Ms. Sarah Kashyap. More speakers will be updated soon.

With such learned, bold and impressive speakers, TEDxPanjabUniversity is surely going to leave its mark. It is a golden opportunity for all those people, who are highly inquisitive and derive inspiration from real life heroes. The tickets for this wonderful experience are available on CityWoofer. Book your tickets to TEDxPanjabUniversity. Participate in the ongoing contest to win a Rs 300 discount on General Ticket. This is an event that will surely change your perception and will leave an everlasting impact on your mind.


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