TED-Ed WOW 2018 & eChai Ludhiana


We’ve all attended and heard of TEDx events… But what is a TED-Ed meet and when is the next one happening near you? Read on to find out!

What: TED-Ed WOW Meet 2018 – World of Words II
When : June 2, 2018 | 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Where: Park Plaza, Ludhiana

Okay, first things first. To put it very simply, a TED-Ed Club is TED’s youth and education initiative. In the spirit of ‘ideas worth sharing’, TED-Ed was created as a program of local, self organised events that combine TED Talks videos, TEDx speakers, and live student speakers to create and share a TED-like experience of thought provoking discussions. TED-Ed events are operated under a license from TED.

When and where can you attend one such meet? In Ludhiana of course! On Saturday, June 2, 2018. The brains at TED-Ed Club Ludhiana figured it was high time they hosted another TED-Ed Meet to spark intellectual conversations and bring world class ideas to Ludhiana, and through that, to all of North India. Folks from all across this part of the country flocked to the event last year and this year promises to be even more successful.

But before we start talking about this year’s speakers, there’s something more you should know. A special, invite-only, pre-event launch of a startup talk series called eChai Ludhiana is all the buzz right now. The entry to this pre-event is restricted to ticket holders of the TED-Ed Ludhiana WOW Meet 2018, so all the more the reason for you to register asap for this one of a kind meet.

eChai Ludhiana is an initiative to bring entrepreneurs from Ludhiana and around to come together to connect, share, collaborate, and co-rise! The idea is to host a series of talks on a fortnightly/monthly basis, that will be oriented towards startup ventures, early mentorship, and engagement with the entrepreneurial community. This Startup Growth Series is projected to be a first of its kind startup talk series in Punjab. The launch of eChai Ludhiana will take place just an hour prior to the main event, i.e. from 11:30AM – 12:30PM. A single idea can change a person’s life, they say. Who knows, this talk series might just be the thing to change yours!

The eChai Ludhiana pre-event launch will be followed by the regular proceedings of the TED-Ed WOW Meet, with the promise of some very engaging and stimulating sessions in store. Here’s all you need to know about some of the speakers, before you actually see them live.

Shubhi Sachan is a Mumbai-based sustainable materials designer cum researcher. That’s right, she uses her research work on sustainable materials and waste products to create designer wear clothes, under her label Jambudweep. She’ll have you know interesting facts such as ingredients for skin cleansers can be fashioned from rice husk ash. Did you know that?

Jahan Geet Singh, a 19 yr old from Chandigarh, is poised to be the youngest internationally recognised female dhol player in India. A law student by education, she started out playing the dhol as a mere hobby that has now turned into her primary profession and passion. She was first noticed by a US-based periodical for world drummers and already has more than 200 stage performances to her credit at such a young age. Catch her live at the TED-Ed Meet this June.

We hear little quips in the news or on social media about child prodigies every now and then. But here’s your chance to watch one live! A mere 9 yrs old, Sehajdeep Singh Kohli is nothing short of a human computer. He made his first asian record at the age of 3, wherein he managed to recognize the flags of 105 countries in just 52 seconds. He is also, incidentally, the youngest TEDx Speaker in the country.

What do you understand by the words, ‘use of collaborative drones for orthographic imaging’? Ankit Bhateja will tell you exactly what those words mean since that is part of his area of research. He founded his startup Xovian back in 2011 and is currently a fellow at SAM Global and a mentor at CEED Chitkara University. Ankit has also previously held audience to his words at events like the Design Summit, Indian Space Conclave, United Nations Influx, and CII/FICCI 1st Commonwealth SME Trade Summit. Just his sheer public speaking experience makes us curious about him, doesn’t it?

An expert TEDx Speaker from IIM Kashipur and Lovely Professional University, Mandeep Kaur Tangra is an enterprising woman who believes that the next great e-commerce idea need not necessarily come from a metropolitan city, but could come from anywhere! Driven by determination and perseverance, and an upholder of honesty as an integral value for success, she stands by the quote, “Want to try the toughest thing ever and do something great in life? Try being honest in everything you do.”

Amanbir Walia is a Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant who founded a virtual training academy called LearnPPCwithme that focuses on imparting digital marketing skills to individuals and business groups. She is also a certified advertiser from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot. She was recently brought on board as the Lead Trainer for Digital Marketing at the Chandigarh branch of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. If that wasn’t enough to convince you as to why you should attend her session, here’s more… Amanbir is currently working on UN’s sustainable development programme Good Health and Well-being through her own project called Shaping Vision, as an officially recognised Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum.

So what’s the wait then? Head over here and purchase your tickets for the TED-Ed WOW Meet 2018 today! You won’t regret it, we promise.




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