TEDxSarabhaNagar: Stay Encouraged with Being One!


Thinking- the power to express your thoughts and learn what better you can bring. You can either explore your potential in your business, college project, school assignment, or job. It is good to hear about the journey behind it. Maybe you know yours, but have you ever thought why some stories of success become famous? To help you think out of the box, the TEDx SarabhaNagar is coming with vibrant global speakers that you can’t miss watching live.

TEDx: Inspiring People for Years!

Whenever you plan to attend TEDx, whether, for the first or second time, you must know what exactly it is. A TEDx event is defined as a local gathering where TED-like performances and talks are shared among the community.

These planned events have proper and independent coordination on a community-by-community basis. The design and content of every TEDx event are developed independently, where the features are in common.

A format of TED is a suite of carefully, short prepared talks, performances and demonstrations that are idea-emphasized, and cover an expansive range of subjects to foster inspiration, wonder, and learning, and provoke interactions that matter.

Topic’s Diversity

Every TEDx event presents multiple issues with various voices from many disciplines.

Most of you have heard about TED books. If not, learn about them here. If you want to discover a powerful idea and feel short enough to read in a single sitting, TED books are the perfect choice where TED talks leave off. A 18-minute speech can spark the imagination, but there is a need to go deeper to know more about telling a longer story. It is where TED books come into existence.

As you have come to know about the TEDx, you might have got the hint about the coming of the upcoming virtual TEDx event- TEDxSarabhaNagar.

What TEDxSarabhaNagar is All About?

It is an independently conducted TED event emphasized on engaging and inspiring the community on creative ideas to change the world. It will be telecasted virtually from India’s Manchester- Ludhiana. It is a beautiful city filled with lots of the best potentials.

Also, TEDxSarabhaNagar returns back with the same team that organizes TED-ED Student talks Ludhiana. The Powerful duo Reetika Madaan and Rohan Madaan have been instrumental in introducing the concept of TED talks in Ludhiana. TED-ED Student talks Ludhiana is a widely celebrated full day TED-ED Conference that has been running since 2017 along with four great events to encourage 27 TED student speakers on board. TEDxSarabhaNagar consists of a huge platform for youth enlightenment, engagement, and innovation.

The event TEDxSarabhaNagar is coming this December 2020 with an incredible line up of 16 global speakers. Many ideas are to be explored where TEDx will act as an opportunity for speakers to gain recognition and voice these ideas on an international scale. Ludhiana city is a powerhouse of leaders, businesses, and visionaries. The city is itself an ideation arena.

One can feel great importance to share from the perspective ideas found in the country, continent, and city. When smartest people come together at one platform, life-changing communications happen that can shape the future of the world. It is well-known that a single idea or thought can change someone’s life.

Why Should You Attend TEDxSarabhaNagar?

Intelligent Minds: Smart minds get a lot of things in a smaller period. TEDx attendees are engaging, diverse, and intelligent. You may have achieved the opportunity to meet guests who are not even professional speakers and still provide their professional insight on different subjects.

Brilliant Speakers: It would help if you kept in mind that you will see a lot of hidden gems at TEDxSarabhaNagar. Here you might get a chance to interact with speakers and share your relatable experience of life.

Speaker of TEDx SarabhaNagar 2020 are:-

  1. Dr. Aniruddha Malpani: IVF Specialist, Founder- Malpani Ventures
  2. Mr. Vipul Redey and Anmol Kumar: Head, School Enablement – Khan Academy
  3. Mr. Gaurav Marya: Chairman & Founder – Franchise India Private Limited
  4. Mr. Bhavya Bishnoi: Founder, Bhajan Global Impact Foundation
  5. Ms. Amaya Sahni: 11year old, Youngest TED ED Speaker from Ludhiana .
  6. Mr. Sreyamsa Bairiganjan: Senior Energy and Finance Bank Expert, World Bank
  7. Mr. Christoph von Toggenburg: CEO, World Vision Switzerland
  8. Annesha Dutta: LinkedIn Top Voice 2017, 2018
  9. Mr. Srinivas Rao M: CEO , Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (G.A.M.E)
  10. Jasraj Partal: 10 year old Social Activist
  11. Aditi Ohri: Business Leader of the Year – ETNow | Social Samosa – SuperWomen 2020
  12. Sampark Sachdeva: LinkedIn Spotlight 2019
  13. Rayansh Pahwa: 11 year old, Cheese and Travel Evangelist
  14. Mr. Karanvir Singh: Chairman, Visionum Group, Switzerland
  15. Ashley Whillans: Professor, Harvard Business School

Great Exposure

Motivation is a must. To create an optimistic scenario around you, stay tuned to TEDxSarabhaNagar and have significant exposure. You will come to know about the different struggles around.

The event will start on 5 December 2020 and ends on 6 December 2020. Be ready for it and get yourself registered on CityWoofer.


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