Top 5 Breakfast Destinations in Tricity


The Tricity is considered a foodies’ paradise with its wide range of restaurants and cafes spread across its length and breadth. The number of eateries just seems to be increasing by the day with new additions. However, one might get confused as to where one should go to spend a few hours outside the four walls of the house, especially for a delectable and nourishing breakfast.  Don’t worry, we have you covered.

In our top 5 breakfast destinations, you will know the best options for dining out.

It is reinforced time and again in our homes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, today we bring you the top 5 breakfast destinations in the Tricity which boast of an enviable breakfast menu. Start your day off at any of these places and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

1. Backpackers Café, Sector 9, Chandigarh

Breakfast Menu

This favourite haunt of many foodies, Backpackers Cafe was earlier housed at Nexus Elante Mall before shifting to its present location in the beautiful and posh Sector 9 of Chandigarh. Their menu has all the fan favourites when it comes to the breakfast staples. These include the American style breakfast options that will leave you wanting more. You can also try their sumptuous French toast or the classic Bangers and Mash. Also while there, check out their quirky decor with everything being paid attention to, down to the smallest detail.

2. Indian Coffee House, Sector 17, Chandigarh

Breakfast Menu

One of the most famous landmarks in the Tricity is definitely Sector 17, Chandigarh, and till a decade ago, had become synonymous with the ‘Chandigarh culture’. One of the oldest shopping destinations in the Tricity, it also has the legendary Indian Coffee House which is one of the most revered food chains in India and lends an air of vintage charm to all those who walk through its doors. On weekends, during breakfast hours, the eatery mostly is fully packed and it becomes tricky to score a seat. When you make a stop there, do go for their delectable masala dosa and of course their famous coffee.

3. Kalsang Cafe, Phase 3B2, Mohali

Breakfast Menu

While Kalsang restaurant is usually associated with an Asian cuisine, the cafe has a European feel and will delight your taste buds with its menu . The cafe offers English breakfast and American breakfast options. With bacon strips, sausages, baked beans and grilled tomatoes with hash browns and eggs made to order, what is there not to like? Also check out their range of pancakes which vary from banana pancakes to double chocolate ones. Added to this, is their selection of smoothies which is sure to complement any breakfast choice you make.

4. Oven Fresh, Multiple Locations Across the Tricity

Breakfast Menu

Oven Fresh is known for providing great options when it comes to baked food and is one of the most popular eateries in the Tricity area. The name itself evokes images of cheesy sandwiches and pizzas that are served alongside chips and their signature fresh coleslaw salad. Enter any Oven Fresh outlet and sample their selection of shakes that make any meal go down a lot easier. They have outlets spread across the city and almost all of them are busy on the weekends, so do make sure to plan ahead.

5. Gopal’s, Multiple Locations Across the Tricity

Breakfast Menu

If we are talking about breakfast, then we cannot afford to leave out another legendary food chain that relates very well with Indian street food. We are talking about the famous Gopal’s which is the food destination if you are looking to indulge in some Indian-style brekkie options.

The choices available at the many outlets at Gopal’s include their famous chole bhature, add to this their many selections of paranthas and who can forget the matar kulcha which makes this eatery a go-to spot for all your Indian breakfast needs.

Did we miss any spot that you regularly visit? Tell us in the comments!


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