6 Unexplored Places of Chandigarh


Chandigarh has several significant visitor destinations. Planned by French-Swiss architect late Le Corbusier, the city gloats its beautiful design and views that are always mesmerizing. However, most tourists end their trip to the city by visiting Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, and other prominent places. It is not The City- Beautiful is all about. Surprisingly, there are some unexplored places in Chandigarh that have colossal importance and rich history, but not everyone talks about them.

So, make your bucket list to Chandigarh, a little more comprehensive by adding these six places that you might regret not travelling to, on your last trip. Read on-

Manimajra Fort

When the creators of the Hollywood film- Zero Dark Thirty were hunting for an old-like location to suitably exhibit the locale for Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, they homed in on Manimajra. The place is known to less but contains excellent factors. This Oscar-winning movie’s shooting gave a hit to the fort, which is over 360 years old. Manimajra is different from the main city. It is a tapestry of lean roads with specialty markets crowded in large numbers every day.

Manimajra Fort - unexplored Places Chandigarh
Geometric Hill - unexplored places


Geometric Hill

The founder of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier, built the hill construction waste. He has created a mound, hiding the assembly from the road and exhibiting the artwork on it. This location is beyond other tourist spots of Chandigarh that you have mostly heard of. Visiting Geometric Hill has an incredible fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covering the area of 100 acres in Sector 1, Chandigarh. It includes three monuments, three buildings, and a lake.

Open Hand Monument

Designed by the city’s founder, Open Hand Monument is located in Sector 1 of the Capitol Complex, and it has an imposing appearance of its own. The monument is the official emblem of Chandigarh and is synonymous with the city’s infamous imagination. The hand is raised to 85 ft and weighs around 51 tonnes. It is placed in a trench, also known as the Trench of Consideration. The monument sets a great example of the avant-garde art of the times.

Open Hand Monument


The Martyr's Memorial - unexplored places

The Martyr’s Memorial

If you ever wondered about the historical locations of The City-Beautiful, The Martyr’s memorial is listed to be number one. Why? Chandigrah War Memorial monument was established to commemorate martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for the country during the Punjab Partition. It is the spot for you to emphasize patriotism and honour the country’s brave hearts. This monument contains the symbolic figures of a prone man, snake, and lion that add to a place’s charm. The site will take you back to the pre-independence era.

The Tower of Shadows

Situated in Sector 1, The Tower of Shadows is architectural excellence engaged in describing the city’s founder’s different sun control methods. It demonstrates the study of the solar movement and supports the thesis- it is possible to monitor the sunlight in every direction of a building and obtain low temperatures. If you are interested in Science, then hitting this spot is a must for you.

The Tower of Shadows - unexplored places Chandigarh


The Capitol Complex - unexplored places

The Capitol Complex

The Capitol Complex has officially conferred World Heritage status by UNESCO. It is recognized worldwide; a real traveler can understand it. Moreover, one can answer what Chandigarh is famous for by naming it. It is spread over a 100-acre area, and the dreamy backdrop of the Shivalik Hills adds to the elegance of this amazing monument. This complex is a chain to the Open Hand Monument, Geometric Hill, Punjab Haryana High Court, the Secretariat, and the legislative assembly.

The story doesn’t end here. Next time on your visit to the city, don’t limit yourself to what has huge prominence; expand your tour by visiting Chandigarh’s monuments that have something to disclose for you. Give it a cheer to what to do in Chandigarh by travelling to these breathtaking sculptures to experience an unforgettable feeling of the city’s historical heritage.


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