Walkathon & Cyclothon – A Sports Meet For A Better Future


As responsible citizens of ‘the land of five rivers’, it becomes our duty to ourselves and our nation to pay due attention to the water crisis and pollution that the world is suffering from today. And here is a Walkathon cum Cyclothon that aims to do just that.

What  : UBS & EFSO presents Walkathon and Cyclothon
When : Mar 25, 2018 | 6:30AM – 8:30AM
Where: Gandhi Bhawan, Punjab University

With two manmade lakes in our megalopolis, and an unending stream of rivers flowing through the Punjab-Haryana heartland, we citizens of the tricity may have grown accustomed to abundance of water. Nevertheless, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the world today is dealing with a major water crisis and very little is being done about it.

As the second most populous country in the world, India is a major contributor to planet Earth’s water crisis. A number of India’s rivers are considered holy, and yet due to overuse and abuse of our holy rivers, most rivers have become so polluted that it is impossible to use them for water consumption. Moreover, industrialisation has played a major role in contributing to the water crisis. As a result of biological and industrial waste, over 70% of the nation’s water is polluted in one way or another. Moreover, groundwater reserves have also been significantly contaminated due to industrial waste. Most rivers have been deemed unsuitable for human consumption, thus paving the way for water scarcity problems.

Water scarcity should no longer be ignored. Not only are we facing an impending drought, but even day to day water consumption of the everyday citizen is already at risk. Additionally, water is an important resource for growing crops, i.e. the very food we eat. Water pollution poses an imminent threat to irrigation of crops and that in turn will affect the food that we consume. Food chains of the Earth’s ecosystem are heavily dependent on water for survival. However, water from lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans are getting more and more polluted by the day due to littering and improper waste management.

Recognising the need to increase awareness about India’s water pollution crisis, the Business Club of University Business School (UBS), Chandigarh in association with Eco-Friendly Sports Organisation (EFSO) is organising a walkathon and cyclothon event on World Water Day. The water problem is no longer a problem of the future, but a present day crisis that is affecting the everyday survival of humans, animals, and plants. Come be a part of this event in order to work towards a solution for this impending disaster.

To register yourself for the event, click here.


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