‘Zero Waste’ Weddings at Community Centres to Get 20 Percent Booking Discount


Big fat Indian weddings are a hallmark of Punjab. The kind of waste one wedding generates amounts to loads of plastic waste which further degrades the environment.

Chandigarh MC has come up with  a unique way of lessening waste in weddings. Wedding in which there is zero waste will get 20 per cent subsidy/discount for booking the venue at community centres, dharamsalas, open spaces and janj ghars in Chandigarh.

Zero Waste Weddings Chandigarh

Any event that is held without the use of plastic in any form or any non-biodegradable garbage would fall in the zero waste category.

The 20 per cent of the said discount or subsidy would be passed on to the bank account of the claimant after the scrutiny of the venue by the Municipal Corporation officials.

This will help achieve the objective of taking Chandigarh in the direction of plastic and garbage free city.

Earlier, the MC had supported a zero-waste wedding which took place at Sector 35 in November last. The MC carried out zero waste wedding of Pooja, daughter of Ram Kumar and Mukesh, son of Sarwan Singh, both of whom belong to Sector 42.

The Municipal Corporation is encouraging the initiative to score in the Swachh Survekshan 2023 which says that zero waste weddings, social gatherings or religious functions are to be organized with no use of 200 ml water bottles at the venue.

 The parameters that need to be followed:

No plastic or flex to be used for displaying info about the wedding

Details about the event are to be printed on eco-friendly paper material

A board outside the gate to clearly mention Zero-waste Swachh event

Use of natural flowers and not artificial ones

No plastic water bottles, plastic cups to be used

Only bio-degradable cups to be used for beverages

Sanitisers to be used at snack counters

Placement of blue and green bins at appropriate places


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