9 Indoor Exercise To Keep Your Fitness High


Staying fit leads to a healthy lifestyle. Once you opt for it, you become peculiar for even not gaining a single calorie. However, when you also want to get fit, you don’t want to leave home. Right? Not because it is expensive, but planning to do exercises in lockdown or vacations always result fruitfully. After all, the benefits of exercising at home are always beneficial.

Have a look:-

  • Simple to start and you can do it anytime in a day
  • You can take a shower with relax mind right after getting sweaty
  • No need to carry gym bag all-day
  • Exercise within your comfort zone
  • You can create your own joyful environment


Well, it all depends on how you take on home exercises. Before initiating any exercise, make sure you do the warm-ups by running, jumping, skipping, and light stretching. Here are nine best exercises that not only keep you fit but also help you stay motivated throughout the day. Read on:-

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1. Burpees

Burpees have a reputation for a reason. It is a marvelous challenge that always has powerful outcomes. Most of you might be familiar with it while some are not. Thus, follow these steps to practice under the roof-

To do a burpee, stand at standees position, weight in your heels, and arms at your sides.

  1. Bend your body into a squat by pushing your hips back and bending your knees.
  2. Keep your hands on the floor in front and just inside your feet. Shift your weight onto your hands.
  3. Jump your feet back to land on your feet in a plank position softly. Make sure your body forms a straight line from your head to heels.
  4. Reach your arms overhead and explosively jump into the air.
  5. Land and promptly lower back into a squat for your next burpee.

This exercise is super versatile and can easily boost up the fitness level.

2. Stairs Stepping

The stairs at your home are not only utilized for going up and down, but also for maintaining fitness. By doing stairs daily, you can avail of the core muscle strengthening, weight loss, and rid of joint pains. Do not use mobile while stepping up and down as you have to do it swiftly. Maintain the speed by going slow for a while and then boost your speed, but don’t stop for at least 20 minutes. Repeat your sets thrice a day despite doing in the morning or evening.

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3. The Plank

It is one of the effective exercises without equipment that seems easy but is not. However, this exercise is not liked by everyone but has superb results. It can be performed anywhere, only your dedication matters. Hold your body stiff on your arms folded that develop strength primarily in your core, connecting your upper body and lower body along with your shoulders, glutes, and arms. Make the hold for at least 2 minutes.


4. Jumping Jacks

A simple exercise routine that one should not miss when it comes to enhancing stamina. This calisthenics workout is good for cardiovascular health and metabolism boost. If you are still wondering how to do workouts at home, start with Jumping Jacks as it is a great total-body exercise for getting through that very thing. It’s easy to do. Begin standing up with your legs together with a slight bend in knees and hands resting on thighs. Open the legs and arms out to the sides, keeping the knees bent. Arms come above the head and legs wider than shoulders. And close your arms and legs back to your start. Repeat!

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5. Lunges

A great move for beginners, a lunge refers to any position of the human body where one leg is placed forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground where another leg is positioned behind. If you want your legs toned and in shape, then lungers are all you need to practice. It is a great exercise to build strength and stay active.


6. Happy Frogs

Who doesn’t want to get fit when indoors? People across the globe aim to look toned, slim, and gorgeous. Happy Frog possesses unlimited benefits such as strengthening your glutes, carves, and leg muscles. It also reduces leg pain and stiffness along with melting away unnecessary fat from the body.

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7. Crunches

While you think of types of workouts at home, crunches come at first. It is an efficient abdominal exercise. To do a crunch, lie down with your face upward, plant your feet on the floor with hip-width apart. With knees bent, place your arms across your chest. Contract your abs and inhale. Further, exhale and lift your upper body, keeping your head and neck relaxed. Inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat.


8. Pushups

Whether in balconies or indoors, pushups are an effective and fast workout for building strength, and no equipment is required. While you plan to do exercise at home, pushups strike in mind at first as it encourages consistent exercise routine to follow. Practicing it daily leads to gaining upper body strength.

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9. Couch Dips

Also known as fry arm flab, couch dips are easy to do and have various advantages. Sit at the edge of the couch with the outside of your hips and fingers forward. Bend your elbows perpendicularly and lower your hips towards the floor. Press body up and extend elbows. Keep practicing three sets of 15 reps.

Make it better, make it happier by knowing how to do exercise at home, and keep the fitness high. Following healthy activities lead to a great lifestyle that can influence you to participate in various marathons or motivate others to stay fit all the time. However,staying motivated to do exercise daily is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, to keep you engaged for regular workouts, Citywoofer strives to bring events such as Corona ko Dhona to add fun to indoor workouts. By joining it, no one can stop you from accomplishing your fitness goals.


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