Advantages of Jogging in Chandigarh That You’ll Definitely Agree With


Chandigarh has always had a healthy and thriving jogging culture among its people. If you wake up early in the morning and walk to the nearest garden, you’re sure to find men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes and age groups out and about their daily morning exercise regimes. Be it walking, jogging, sprinting, or just body exercises, the gardens are alive with fresh, energetic activity all the way to noon. Come evening, the vigorous and lively spirit of the city picks up again around these hubs of outdoor activity. If you’re a jogger and you’re fond of exploring the gardens and streets of Chandigarh, then here are some advantages of jogging in the city that you will definitely agree with.

It’s a beautifully green city:
That’s right. That’s the very first thing that any of us – whether native to Chandigarh or not – experience on our very first run in the city. The greenery is never ending and the verdant shades of the vegetation around constantly changes, presenting us a whole palette of colours to admire while jogging. Flowers in full bloom are an additional perk during spring and summer.

The friendly neighbourhood Spiderman:
Well, maybe the Spider Man doesn’t exist. But the friendly neighbourhood certainly does! Fellow walkers and joggers will always pass with a welcoming nod, and the odd one here and there will sometimes stop to admire you or to motivate you. The vibe of other runners and joggers is great on any given day, making jogging all the more fun amidst all that greenery and colour.

Mountains are a stone’s throw away:
Well, not literally. But that’s the charming thing about it! If you need a flat surface to jog on, obviously there’s no dearth of long straight roads and running tracks in Chandigarh. But those looking for the one-off experience of trail running don’t have to go very far either. From the surrounding hills to even the forest reserve behind Sukhna Lake, an offbeat muddy track is always available if you want the uphill – downhill endurance push.

Public toilets ‘round every corner:
Remember when you were a kid in school and to excuse yourself for the loo you would walk up to the teacher and say, “Ma’am, may I go to the corner?” Well, this one can be taken literally. Thanks to the Chandigarh government’s dedicated service to its people, there are multiple public urinals and cleaning facilities available in every sector. All you have to do is be on the lookout, or better still, just ask a passerby.

Bright and sunny with a dash of clouds:
The weather on a given day can heavily influence your daily jog. Luckily though, the gods above Chandigarh seem to be plenty pleased with the city. Be it summer, winter, spring, or autumn, the morning and evening skies draw the old and young out of their homes on a daily basis. Though summers can get plenty hot and monsoon can get pretty humid, for most of the year the weather remains pleasant in Chandigarh, ideal for a regular jogger.

Pit-stops! Pit-stops everywhere:
And certainly enough to drink. A big glass of cold refreshment after a long jog – such delight! From fresh juices to bottles of water to warm chai, it’s all available in pretty much every market of every sector across the city. Heck, it need not even be after a long jog. You could simply be taking a break and can go right back to your athletic workout after a refreshing glass of your preferred beverage. Remember to carry your wallet though!

There’s something in the air:
It’s true, isn’t it? The air seems to be forever fresh and clean, especially inside parks and gardens. Though it is also true that with increase in population there is rapid increase in air pollution. And yet, those who want to seek will always find little spots that contain the fresh smell of wet earth, of mowed grass, of fragrant flowers and of ripe fruits. The pleasure of breathing in all this healthy air at the thump of every step is an experience not found in most big cities across this country.


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