Amity University Mohali Campus is ‘Single Use Plastic Free’


Amity University has become a ‘single use plastic free’ campus, Prof R K Kohli, Vice-Chancellor of Amity University, Mohali, said at an event. Spreading awareness on environment conservation, the Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Amity University held an event to spread awareness on the need to safeguard the environment.

Amity University- ‘single use plastic free' campus

Under the initiative of environment information, awareness, capacity building & livelihood program (EIACP), Punjab State Council for Science & Technology, a rally was held on the theme ‘Solution to Plastic Pollution’. Students and faculty members spread the message of sustainable habits with slogans such as ‘say no to single use plastic’, ‘save environment’, ‘save world, save life, save future’ and more.

The students and other attendees took a pledge to inculcate the habit of carrying reusable bottles and bags, avoiding single-use plastic, and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor of Amity University, Prof R K Kohli, emphasized on the importance of saving mother earth and how every individual can contribute to creating a sustainable future. Prof Kohli declared at the event that Amity University was now a ‘single use plastic free campus’.

The event served as a reminder that it is the responsibility of citizens to take care of the planet and make it a better place for the present and future generations. Amity University’s vision is to continue promoting sustainability and environmental awareness among its students and also the community.

The event saw enlightening lectures by Dr Ranjit Kaur, Program Officer, Environment Information, Awareness, Capacity Building & Livelihood Program (EIACP), and Dr Jatinder Arora, Executive Director of the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology.



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