Chandigarh’s First Ever Dessert Festival


Remember when you were a kid and used to dream of candyland? Yep, that beautiful dreamy paradise made of only chocolates and sweets and sugar and pudding. Well, it’s happening! For real. House of Desserts is organising the tricity’s very own first ever dessert festival this weekend for all you sweet-toothed dessert dreamers out there.

What : Dessert Festival Chandigarh
When : Apr 14 – Apr 15, 2018 | 12PM – 11PM
Where: Elante Mall, Chandigarh

Okay, so let’s say candyland is not something you can relate to. We’ll give you another picture instead. Think, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. A huge building with innumerable rooms, all full of different kinds of experiments being done on chocolate and the flavours that go with it. You’ve probably got a better picture now. Well, that – and more – is exactly what Elante Mall will look like this weekend.

Over a thousand kind of desserts – Indian and otherwise – all at one place, for two whole days! Think ice creams, cupcakes, pastries, waffles, puddings, pies, cheesecakes, souffles, doughnuts, muffins, sundaes, brownies, mousse, and much much more. Don’t worry, Indian sweets are part of the party too! Everything from gulab jamun to jalebi to rasmalai to kulfi to variations of the barfi, halwa, laddus, and so much more than can be listed. Like we said, it’s a sweet toother’s paradise.

So what are the kind of stalls you can expect? Well, for starters, there’ll be some of the most respected sweet shops and confectioneries from in and around the tricity – handpicked by the organisers. Expect the likes of Daddy Waffle with their chocolate fries, oreo pops, red velvet waffles, and more. Our beloved Crown Patisserie from Sector 17 will be there too. The Jalebi Shop is bringing its infamous XXXL sized, ghee infested, sugar loaded Gohana Jalebi all the way from Gurgaon! Cake designer studio, Caked India, will be there with their funky collection of multidimensional cakes.

Furthermore, House of Desserts plans on showcasing the best in international dessert trends around the globe. Who knew a dessert festival could turn educational? Warning: you may come across some bizzare ideas for desserts like Ambala’s deep fried ice cream pakoda by Best Burps. Or the Spanish Churros in a whole new avatar! But for those who are sceptical of mass produced food, we have even better news. The festival has extended its arms to homecooks and home bakers too! Now, there’s truly no reason to not attend, is there?


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