Gratitude Picnic: A Way to Say ‘Thank You’ As We Wind Up the Year


Soak in the sun this winter and head outdoors to keep yourself warm with whatever little sun rays are available.

Tricity Picnics, a Tricity based initiative, aims to do just that with their community creating exercise. The picnic will be held at the Japanese Garden on December 31 from 12-3 pm and the fee per person is Rs 350. Along with tea and snacks, there are other activities planned like paint the planter and grow a sapling, ring toss, Jenga, Connect 4 and introduction to the art of Gratitude.

The get-together is aimed at spending some quality time outdoors with your loved ones. Telling more about what the gratitude picnic stands for, one of the founders, Upasna says, “Gratefulness is an art but is it natural to be grateful or does someone need to develop this art with practice? So this was the question I had in my mind to which I found an answer to in 2018. This is when I got an App made on the same lines called My Gratitude Pie”.

She says further, “Like other things, we also need to practice gratitude on a regular basis to make it a habit.”. Explaining the concept behind this picnic, Upasna said, “Gratitude does not only mean saying ‘Thank you’ but to feel it. So the idea of the Gratitude Picnic is to learn this art of being grateful and how we can practice it more easily on a daily basis.”

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