Haven’t Used SmartBikes in Chandigarh Yet? Travel can’t Get Any Cheaper Than This


Having noticed the red bicycles you see parked along roadsides in Chandigarh, you might have wondered, can I use this? Of course you can, they are meant for your use at a measly amount of Rs 5/10 + GST. What you need to do is just download the SmartBike Mobility App, keep recharging it and maintain a balance of Rs 150 at all times. Students, working class, women, girls, anybody and everybody can use E–bikes and the push bikes for work, to run for small errands, visit somebody, go to hospital, school, colleges, coaching classes, training institute, to remain fit or just explore the city.

Smartbike in Chandigarh

With a total number of 310 docking stations with 2500 bikes, a Hyderabad based company SmartBike Mobility, started this initiative, Cycle for Change, in PPP mode in Chandigarh in  2020 after successfully introducing it in Delhi, Chennai, among other cities. Interestingly, Chandigarh has the largest fleet in India with such a dense network of PBS (public bicycle sharing) stations.

The best part is that 60% of inventory is E-bikes (electric bikes which need charging with the option of paddle incase charging is over) and 40% push bikes (normal cycles).

The project started in 2020, with 100 e-bikes and 125 push bikes. In 2021,  1250 bicycles with 155 new docking stations were added in phase I and similar number were added the next year in 2022  in phase II . Another 155 docking stations with 1250 bicycles will be added to the inventory in January in Phase III of the project which will take the number of bicycles to 3,750 bicycles and 465 docking stations.


How to use them?

The bicycles can be rented for ₹10 for half an hour and members can rent it for ₹5. One can register as a member for a year by making a one-time payment of ₹500.

In the past one and a half  year, more than 2.5 lakh plus users have downloaded the official mobile app to book the bicycles. On average, around 1,200 users ride the bicycles per day, while the number goes up to 2,000 on public holidays and weekends.

City response

There have been 6 lakh + rides in Chandigarh since 2020

There are about 3 lakh registered users

Pain point

There have been about 6,000 plus cases of vandalism regarding 2, 500 bicycles

E bikes vs push bikes

The ratio of use of e-bikes to push bikes is 1:6. “People obviously prefer a more modern version of the bicycle in the form of e-bikes, but the problem is if there is any wear and tear in the E-bikes, the spare parts of electric bikes  are not easily available, it takes days for repair work, ” says Vikash Bakshi, City Head,  SmartBike Mobility, Chandigarh.

Vandalism, mischief, theft  

In countries like US, Canada where these smart bikes operate, people have civic sense. “We though people in Chandigarh are educated, have good traffic sense, so there would be less mischief-mongering,” says Bakshi. Unfortunately, there is vandalism in posh sectors like Sectors 8, 17, 22; southern sectors like 45, 53, and Burail, Kajheri, Nayagaon, Dhanas, Malloya, Dadu Majra

“We are seeking  help from the police as the Chandigarh Police can always stop these cycles from reaching Panchkula, Mohali if there is sufficient checking on outpoints,” he adds.

Maintainance of SmartBikes

There is a skilled technical service team which mends the cycles and puts them back

Who uses SmartBikes?

On an average, people in the age group of 15-35 years use these bikes. The users include, school goers, tourist travellers, gig workers, office goers,

Places where smart bikes most commonly used

Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Sector 17, Sector 26 sabzi mandi, model schools, Tribune Chowk

Cycles blue-tooth enabled 

The users will be able to lock and unlock the cycles via Bluetooth from March 2023 onwards, besides the mobile phone Internet network. All cycles have GPS and it will work through Bluetooth.

Any feedback/ complaint

Log on to chandigarh@smartbikemobility.com


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