Ride a Bicycle at ₹10 in Chandigarh– 5 Ways The Smart Bike Mobility Program Impacts Us All


It did not happen at once. It did not happen overnight. It took a lot of effort and the constant resilience and dedication of the people of this city. We had all come together to make Chandigarh and the whole Tricity region even cleaner and greener. This is the reason UT administrator V.P. Singh Badnore was encouraged to and congratulated upon launching the first phase of this project. The docking station at the Rock Garden was the talk of the town for a very long time.

ride cycle

Yes, we are talking about the smart bike mobility that has been added to the City Beautiful’s already feather-laden cap and is currently one of the hottest topics everywhere. It is not only going to reduce the carbon footprint per individual but will also help decrease traffic congestion. We all know that the weather in the Tricity region is, for the most part, very pleasant. We already have one of the best-recorded air quality indices across the country. This and the wide roads, the lush and beautiful green coverage, manageable traffic, and responsible citizens adhering to traffic rules have made this transformation even easier on all of us. These days, you can see several docking sectors throughout Panchkula as well.

The number is constantly rising and we could not be prouder of this development. A few of the locations that have docking stations across the city include the Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, PGI, sector 17, 22, 34, 35, and 43. What more? Through a network of 617 docking stations that will be nothing if not state-of-the-art with more than 5,000 bicycles is going to change the city for the better and forever. This facility is also going to have a command-and-control centre with a 24/7 helpline that will be accessible to citizens throughout the year. If we say that it is a very unique and innovative effort to accentuate the already existing infrastructure of the Tri-city region, it won’t exactly be an exaggeration.

ride cycle

But this is not the end of it. According to reports, the active cycles right now in the city are well over 1,250. The target was to roll out this number of cycles by mid-August but it happened a little earlier than planned. The best part is that the normal users can rent a bicycle for just Rs. 10 per 30 minutes. The regular members of this drive can do so at just Rs. 5. This is a fantastic way to encourage everyone to take part in this initiative and make a contribution towards a cleaner environment.

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically planned cities in the country. This is a step forward to keeping its beauty and cleanliness intact for years to come. Not just this, but it is also encouraging both its citizens and visitors to participate in several sports and cycling events across the city. The smart bike mobility program has proven quite helpful in promoting good health, sports culture, and most importantly, cycling in Chandigarh and the nearby regions.

It has greatly impacted the way we understand our health and overall level of activity. Post the pandemic, it had become essential for everyone to participate in some sort of exercise. The addition of affordable bicycles to cruise around Chandigarh is acting as a catalyst in the lives of several citizens.

5 Ways Sports And Especially Virtual Cycling Events Across The Tri-City Region Has Impacted Us:

1. Awakening Towards Fitness
It has given a much-needed boost to the sports and activity culture of Chandigarh. We have become more conscious about our health and how we had been ignoring exercise as a whole for all these years. The cycling culture across the city has particularly gotten a new lease of life. Now you can see youngsters, their parents, and the elderly cycling across the wide and beautiful roads around the Matka Chowk or the Rose Garden every morning.

2. Attention Towards Mental Well Being
A rising number of depression-related cases had been reported throughout the city. The overall number of patients suffering from anxiety rose by 32% after the lockdown ended. Clearly, there was a significant portion of our population that was not able to cope with the after-effects of being locked up. Cycling helped them get out of that sad and depressing state. It broadened their social circle and reduced their stress levels significantly.

3. Immunity Immunity Immunity
Everyone talks about immunity because the scars of the covid-19 pandemic are still very much there. According to doctor David Nieman from the Appalachian State University, anybody can decrease their sick days by about 40% by including some sort of physical activity in their daily routine. Cycling is one of the “mild to rigorous” workouts that can give you the desired results in a very short span of time.

4. Promoting Weight Loss
Needless to mention, even you must have someone in your family who gained 20 extra kilos around their waist. This is not a joke. It has happened to a lot of people. Some of us haven’t been able to drop that extra weight yet. Well, they can get inspired by people around them who gave cycling a chance.

5. Realising The Beauty Of The City Beautiful
In an independent survey conducted by the CityWoofer team that involved over 1000 participants, close to 81% of them said that they never realised that Chandigarh was so beautiful. This realisation is almost like a revelation for an entire generation who had inadvertently but definitely taken clean air, abundant greenery, beautiful hills that surround the landscape of Chandigarh, and a lot more for granted. An impromptu bicycle ride from your home to Shanti Kunj or perhaps the One Hand monument could do wonders for your mood and help you appreciate the little things in life that matter the most.

So, when are you giving cycling a chance?


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