How TiECON Chandigarh 2020 is a Life-changing Experience?


Representing innovations of the online world and creations of Science on one platform, TiEcon brings a comprehensive experience for tech professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. It has dynamic networks, including some of the brilliant minds in technology. Described as the largest technology anchored conference, TiEcon is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. It has engaged over 70,000 entrepreneurs and professionals from over 60 countries since its inception. Now, it’s time to grow numbers through TiE Chandigarh, bringing unexceptional experience this year.

Though TiEcon consistently attracts active participation from leading venture capital firms, global service providers, and reputed technology organizations, TiEcon Chandigarh 2020 is going to be the world’s largest opportunistic conference in the Northern Region for tech minds. Attendees ranged from serial entrepreneurs and established firms to newbie entrepreneurs, government policymakers, and financial industry professionals.


What is TiEcon Chandigarh 2020 All About?

TiE Chandigarh is coming up with the fifth edition of its flagship event known as TiEcon Chandigarh 2020 on 29 February 2020 (Saturday) at Mohali Campus of Indian School of Business. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities faced by emerging and young entrepreneurs. The conference features business leaders from India and overseas. The day-long lively summit will include educational talks, inspiring discussions, encouraging mentoring sessions, and a chance to connect with like-minded, passionate executives. More than 2000 participants will be attending it from across Tricity and nearby cities. Also, more than 150 companies are expected to participate at the  Start-up Bazaar and Expo Stalls. The goal is to build a vibrant and robust region’s startup ecosystem.

Attending TiEcon Chandigarh 2020 will be a life-changing experience for you because intellectual speakers are coming to amaze you with their innovations. Know Them Here:-


Sohpia the robot
  • World’s First Humanoid: Sophia

Meet the miracle of Science and Technology on 29 February 2020, Sophia robot, developed in Honk Kong by Hanson Robotics! It has personified the dreams for the future of AI. A creation formed with science, artistry, and engineering, Sophia is also a human-crafted fiction character illustrating the future of robotics and AI, providing a platform for modern robotics and AI research.

Being the speaker of TiEcon 2020, a first-time visit of Sophia robot in India will draw the attention of many. However, it has many appearances on the Good Morning Britain, Tonight Show, and has spoken hundreds of conferences globally.

  • India’s Only Individual Olympic Gold Medalist: Abhinav Bindra

During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, shooter Abhinav Bindra created a glorious history by winning a gold medal in the 10m Rifle event. The medal was also India’s first Olympic yellow medal since 1980. To attain his dream, Abhinav left no stone unturned and even scoped a 40 feet high ‘pizza pole’ to conquer his fear. He reached the final with a top score of 104.5, regardless of his fourth position in the qualifying round. It made him place his name in the record books.
Witnessing such an exhilarating personality this year encourages you to stay focused all the time!

Abhinav Bindra
K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh
  • The Husband-wife Duo with 100% Success Rate in Start-up World: K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh

The name, K Ganesh in the world of Indian startups comes out to be something of a legend. His previous achievements, with his wife Meena Ganesh, have provided him iconic status. His present venture GrowthStory has given script depicting some of the most fruitful startup stories in recent years, such as BigBasket, FreshMenu, Portea Medical, HouseJoy, and many more.

With a compelling entrepreneurship story, the duo is coming to Chandigarh to stimulate you and boost your growth.


  • Age has No Bar for 94-year Old Entrepreneur: Harbhajan Kaur

Energetic and smart business owner, Harbhajan Kaur has a unique fan base. She began her journey at the age of 92 after getting encouraged by her daughter to kick off the brand called ‘Harbhajan’s.’ Thus, she is now known for making organic besan ki barfi, which her daughter sells at the organic mandi in Chandigarh. Interacting with a marvelous Harbhajan Kaur will be an outstanding experience for attendees of TiEcon.

Harbhajan Kaur


  • The Brain Whisperer: Steven Campbell

All thanks to TiEcon Chandigarh 2020 due to which the Brain Whisperer is coming to India for the first time! He is also the author, speaker, and radio host, and shares the most useful discoveries about the brain to help you become the person you always admire to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to communicate with Steven Campbell, who has lots of innovations for you.


  • Transforming Lives through Meat and Seafood: Vivek Gupta

Innovation can change your life. Vivek founded India’s first fresh meat consumer brand, Licious, in July 2015. Along with it, he has also discovered a digital platform solution, MobiCom, for your club to connect with your members, providing them an opportunity to endorse your club’s experience to a global audience. Why miss TiEcon 2020 when such innovators are coming to your city?

Vivek Gupta


  • Digital Marketing Zone: Mind-blowing Journey of Brilliant Minds

Building impeccable knowledge of Digital Marketing including SEO, link building, and conversion rate optimization, experts such as Craig Cambell (SEO Trainer and Consultant), Mads Singers (Founder of Mads Singers), Edward Murray (Expert for Website Conversion Optimization), Gary Wilson (Founder of, Pradeep Chopra (Founder of, and Jonathan Kiekbusch (Founder of are coming to boost your teams’ spirit and sharpen your minds for the online world.


  • Investor Zone: You Need to Start to reach Your Goals

Creative minds on one platform, attend TiEcon Chandigarh 2020 to interact with ingenious global minds and venture capitalists in an informal setting and learn about the thoughts of investors. Get in touch with Mahesh Murthy (Managing Partner, Seedfund), Padmaja Ruparel (Co-founder at Indian Angel Network), Charles Owen (Partner of EMergent Ventures), Piyush Surana (Investment Principal of Tomorrow capital), Karann Mital (Principal of Velos Partners), and Vinod Keni (Partner of Artha Venture Fund).

More to explore with one of the incredible upcoming events in Chandigarh, come, enjoy the experience, and be inspired. Your next idea may be waiting for you at TiEcon Chandigarh 2020! Thus, experience the motivational event by REGISTERING YOURSELF NOW:-


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