Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC), Sector 17, Chandigarh


Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) set up in Chandigarh as part of the smart city project has been operational since March, 2022. Its primary objective is to enhance the safety and security, improve efficiency of municipal services and promote a better quality of life for residents.

To achieve this goal, a robust ICT Information and Communication Technology infrastructure has been developed that supports digital applications and ensures seamless operations, city management, surveillance, emergency response mechanisms and real-time tracking of services and vital city metrics throughout the city and in government departments. It works in liaison with the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders such as transport, water, fire, police, etc., and  the Chandigarh Police.

“We take the help of CCTV cameras for challaning purposes, for surveillance of public services like which street lights are not functionong, from which house was garbage not collected, where are public cycles being used, which CTU buse routes earns the most revenue, etc.” says Ashish Sharma, Information and Communication Technology Expert at the ICCC, Chandigarh.

“Every month, at least 72-80 cases of snatching, eve teasing, etc are solved till the last stage. But for this, a common man has to approach the police first with its grievance, then only can the police reach out to us for help,” he informs.

ICCC is also majorly into data collection and data analytics which the policy makers can use for the benefit of the government or common man. “It requires years of data collection to reach some conclusion , but it has become easy to collect data and analyse it with the help of ICCC,” says an ICCC official.

What are the challenges ICCC is facing?

Execution part is a little challenging because all departments have to help with inputs, co-ordinate with each other, manual as well as digital information has to be collated. There are technical glitches, language is a major barrier, data needs to be cleaned up to reach a conclusion, he says.

ICCC is functioning in 100 smart cities and towns across India, which is no small achievement.

Jalandhar to have an ICCC  soon

Abhijeet Kaplish IAS, Chief Executive Officer, Jalandhar Smart City Limited along with his team visited Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) of Chandigarh Smart City Limited, located in Sector 17, Chandigarh.  Jalandhar Smart City Limited is also establishing the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC).

“Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) is striving to provide efficient service deliveries, a safe and secure environment and better quality of life to the citizens. It acts as a “nerve center” for operations management. It processes a complex and large pool of data sets at an aggregated level. ICCC is designed to enable city administrators to monitor the status of various amenities, any kind of disaster by providing them the real time incident details and help in rapid resolution of the situation,’said Anindita Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

ICCC, Chandigarh

Set up at a cost of ₹199 crore to comprehensively monitor the city, the ICCC oversees management of traffic, and major citizen services, including e-governance, sewerage, waste, electricity and public bike sharing, among others.

The most significant highlight of the centre is real-time surveillance of major junctions and important landmarks, such as water works, parks, government hospitals, community centres, parking locations and schools.

For this purpose, more than 1,000 cameras have been installed around the city, including all entry and exit points to maintain a record of all vehicles entering and leaving the city.

Through the ICCC, traffic police officials can remotely also issue e-challans in case of traffic violations.

What is ICCC?

Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) is a command and control centre, even referred to as ‘situation room’. It is the place where the overall operations like monitoring, controlling and commanding are carried out. The CCCs (command and control centre) serves its purpose not only to the government but also to the Departments of Police & Fire, Universities and utility companies and much more. It further helps in sharing of decisive commands, warnings, and alerts quite flawlessly in huge numbers.

How does ICCC help?

It is an important source of intelligence input for management of day to day operations in a city/ town, management of disasters and handling of exceptions on daily basis. Data of complex nature is processed at a comprehensive level. Thus, it provides intelligence for formulating policies and better planning. Information and data are collected through various sensors and applications which are positioned across a certain location. After the analysis of information or data, some suitable and workable details are put forward to act upon.


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